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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Maybe it's weird but I just love reactions to, particularly from vocal teachers, Ghost Love Score.

it's even more fun watching people that have never really listened to metal. i love Ghost Love Score Reaction !

also im seeing Epica this october and can't wait !
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Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
I love the song Determined! Always listen to it and Dig back-to-back
The other two songs were nice too I particularly liked the energy of the Helmut one
i actually doesn't like much death metal like second music one,but last music one is pretty sick. love it,als,every music from mudvayne i apreciated too much ^^

peharps my second music from bullet for my valentime it's the best shots from band,badly the vocalist lost their voice trough years cuz he screamed too much over years without a good technique.
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The new Megadeth album is an absolute banger. Didn't disappoint.
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