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Version 1.4.2 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Use indirect in-place search only if no exact matches were found.
  • Fix possible issues with controls not acting properly on certain systems.
  • Fix exception while trying to split a room with incorrect selection area.

  • Highlight first found face when searching for textures in mesh editor.

  • Update TRNG+FLEP package to fix issues with missing C++ dlls on latest Windows 10 builds.

Download: installer, portable ZIP, lightweight 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 patch.
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Version 1.4.3 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Allow fixed camera move timer editing for all game versions.
  • Reduce memory usage after saving project.
  • Don't show missing recent files in list.
  • Fix vertex lights not resetting when editing mode is changed.
  • Fix overflow exception for FOV setting in options.

  • Don't copy textures from source wad if there's already same textures in destination.
  • Highlight and automatically update end frame on frame add/remove action.
  • Prevent and warn about mesh files with incorrect (non-Latin) file paths when importing.

  • Added recent file list.

  • Don't trim leading and trailing spaces in strings.
  • Load default sound catalog for new levels created within Project Master.

Download: installer, portable ZIP, lightweight 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 patch.
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Version 1.4.4 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Use object multiselection to make quick item group.
  • Fix script IDs not updating properly in object list.

  • Fix possible issues with saving progress in Mesh editor when used from Tools menu.
  • Prevent and warn about loading oversized textures into mesh editor due to precision loss.

Download: installer, portable ZIP, lightweight 1.4.3 to 1.4.4 patch.
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Version 1.4.5 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Implement tint for TR1-2 room sprites and pickups.
  • Add hotkey commands for flipping floor and ceiling splits.
  • Flip floor and ceiling split only if block is triangulated.
  • Preserve sound source script IDs in project files.
  • Fix sink strength value indication in 3D view.
  • Update item indication when new script ID is assigned.
  • Fix item order in search window.

  • Add option to pack textures when exporting meshes.
  • Indicate unsaved changes in single-mesh mode of mesh editor.
  • Fix imported mesh not being saved for moveables when imported using multimesh mode.
  • Scale end frame along with framerate in animation editor.

Download: installer, portable ZIP, lightweight 1.4.4 to 1.4.5 patch.
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Version 1.4.6 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add search textbox to top-side menu.
  • Add texture selection lists to bumpmap and texture sound windows.
  • Add TR2 Gold sound catalog (by Danath).
  • Add TR3 Gold sound catalog (by piano_raider).
  • Fix occasional ghost grid cells in bumpmap and texture sound windows.
  • Fix exception when unloading textures.
  • Fix wrong depiction of some NG timer flipeffects.
  • Fix corrupted textures on double-sided object and static mesh triangular faces.
  • Fix Lara type and weather type not updating in level settings for TR5.
  • Fix spotlight and sun light types compilation for TR5.

  • An option to disable automatic bound for state change editor values.

Download: installer, portable ZIP, lightweight 1.4.5 to 1.4.6 patch.
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Version 1.4.7 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add different types of texture search (untextured, broken, full match, partial match).
  • Add room normals calculation for TR5.
  • Add sniper camera type for TR5.
  • Add glide out camera flag to be used together with glidecam FLEP patch.
  • Add option to always display memo text.
  • Add some missing global sounds for TR1 sound catalog.
  • Reconnect all resources from level settings window.
  • Fix quick start feature for new FLEP workflow.
  • Fix rendering bugs when editing very large levels in "Draw all rooms" mode.
  • Fix rendering in imported geometry browser preview.
  • Fix crash when reconnecting duplicated resources.
  • Fix occasional object ID changes when clicking around script controls in trigger window.
  • Fix block arrows not displaying on diagonal faces.

  • Add ability to rename meshes in mesh editor.
  • Add ability to replace any texture in mesh editor.
  • Add context menus for editing currently selected object mesh in main window.
  • Jump to currently selected object when opening mesh editor from main window.
  • Don't steal focus to item preview in main window.
  • Fix persistent issues with disjointed MQO vertices on mesh import.
  • Fix orphaned textures not showing on texture list after delete and redo.
  • Fix UI brightness not affecting tree list views.
  • Fix occasional incorrect end frame values when importing compiled levels.

  • Fix incorrect bit depth for TR2 samples when compiling MAIN.SFX.

  • Fix exception when double-clicking on empty search results window.
  • Fix exception when setting textbox background colour in options window.

Download: installer, portable ZIP, lightweight 1.4.6 to 1.4.7 patch.
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Version 1.5 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Choose room when creating a portal by double-clicking on room in list.
  • Automatically search subfolders in sample paths to find sound samples.
  • Allow free editing for block subdivisions (ED/RF) for diagonal steps.
  • Allow group editing of object tint.
  • Allow to change light type for existing lights.
  • Add shadow property for lights (forthcoming in TEN).
  • Flatten starting block too while using bulldozer tool.
  • Add Alt+T hotkey to quickly show/hide texture panel.
  • Ignore incorrect anim dispatches instead of stopping level compilation.
  • Better handling and fallback to safe mode in case of rendering errors.
  • Fix corrupted MQO imported geometry.
  • Fix incorrect mesh light type importing in retail levels.

  • Add embedded wad metadata: timestamp and user notes.
  • Add "Apply" button to animcommand and state change editors.
  • Add pop-up warnings in case current or imported animation has incorrect anim dispatches.
  • An option to disable packed texture padding when exporting mesh.
  • Fix copying same source object into different slots.
  • Fix occasional misfires when picking textures in mesh editor.
  • Fix exception when trying to save wad2 file with very large amount of textures.
  • Fix exception when deleting last frame of an animation.
  • Fix exception if object with same ID is copied from wad with another game version.

  • Completely redesigned the Start Page.
  • Completely redesigned the "Create a new project" window.
  • Completely redesigned the Project Master, now it's 3 separate tabs. (Level Manager, Plugins Manager and Miscellaneous)
  • Completely redesigned the "Create a new level" window.
  • Completely redesigned the implementation and handling of TRNG Plugins. Now they are per-project rather than global.
  • Slightly redesigned the Reference Browser.
  • Updated "launch.exe" files for new game projects and renamed them to "PLAY.exe" by default.
  • Added vanilla TR4 (TRLE), TR3, TR2 and Tomb1Main support with presets.
  • Added "Create a 'Ready To Play' game archive", which allows the user to create a game archive with no dev files.
  • Added the ability to view F12 definitions of constants which were given in decimal or hexadecimal form.
  • Added CTRL+F5 to create a new #INCLUDE file at caret position.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the File Explorer.
  • Added autocomplete for #INCLUDE directives.
  • Added more details into "hover over" tooltips.
  • Scripting Studio docking layouts now save with the config.
  • Scripting Studio bookmarks now save with files.
  • #FIRST_ID is now being recognised when pressing F1. (May not be fully accurate yet.)
  • Improved bracket and quote autoclosing.
  • Generally improved autocomplete for TRNG scripting.
  • Slightly improved syntax highlighting for TRNG scripting.
  • Fixed some error false-positives for TRNG scripting.
  • Fixed some Scripting Studio performance issues.
  • Fixed Scripting Studio right-click menus not appearing.
  • Fixed F12 on directives like "#INCLUDE" not working.
  • Fixed autocomplete for constants added with "+" not working correctly.
  • Fixed F12 for constants added with "+" not working correctly.
  • Fixed mnemonic constants of plugins not being recognized by syntax highlighting when installed in the same session.
  • Fixed an issue where Strings Editor would paste text twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the Syntax Hint in Scripting Studio would extend out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue where .backup files would be missing before compiling an unsaved script.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

  • Stabilize gizmo positioning.

Download: installer, portable ZIP, lightweight 1.4.7 to 1.5 patch.

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Version 1.5.1 is now released!

List of changes:

  • First release with official support for Tomb Engine (TEN).
  • Upgrade framework to .NET 6, which improves performance and compatibility with modern systems.

Tomb Editor:
  • Fix ghost blocks causing room geometry clipping when placed on floor portals.
  • Fix serious memory leak when switching between objects in item browser.
  • Add option to display moveable and static mesh bounding boxes.
  • Add roll pointer for selected flyby camera.
  • Hide selection highlight when editing colorable objects from palette.
  • Delete room with hotkey if no object is selected.
  • Avoid texturing inaccessible floors and ceilings with fill tool.
  • Flash taskbar button when level compile is finished.
  • Visually indicate lights which can cast TEN shadows in 3D window.
  • Allow to quick-start TEN levels.
  • Fix some TR2 objects not appearing properly in 3D window.
  • Fix some hardcoded TR3 sounds not being selected on sound autodetect.
  • Fix exception in animated texture window when clicking on text fields in frame list.
  • Fix exception when trying to select all sound infos without valid sound catalogs present.

  • Add options to convert selected objects from/to dynamic light model.
  • Add option to convert loaded destination wad to TombEngine format.
  • Fix batch animation import not importing to correct slots.

  • Added basic support for TEN project setup, engine and assets bundle included (except textures).
  • Updated FLEP for new projects.
  • Updated Tomb1Main preset to 2.10.2.

Download: NET6 64-bit installer, Legacy installer.
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Version 1.5.2 is now released along with TEN 1.0.1 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Allow free axis rotation for certain objects in TEN (e. g. teeth spikes).
  • Allow scaling static meshes for TEN.
  • Display scaled static meshes according to TRNG OCB value.
  • Fix occasional errors when compiling pathfinding data in TEN levels.
  • Reorganize the way objects which can have Lua name are renamed.
  • Add ability to rename volumes.
  • Flip floor/ceiling splits if non-quad ghost blocks are present.
  • Show debug output window when launching TEN via quick start feature.
  • Fix TEN project converter issue which caused wrong collision for some animatings.
  • Add ability to recursively include TEN script files.

  • Fixed exception on renaming TEN levels.
  • Added script auto-generation for new TEN levels.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

TEN Version 1.0.1:
  • Added antialiasing support.
  • Added static mesh scaling support.
  • Added free rotation for teeth spikes instead of using OCB codes.
  • Fix some issues with shimmying between diagonal ledges and walls.
  • Fix rope transparency.
  • Fix objects disappearing under certain angles at the edges of the screen.
  • Fix incorrect polerope and jumpswitch grabbing.
  • Fix camera behaviour with pushable blocks.
  • Fix minecart unduck on inclines.
  • Fix quadbike dismount with jump key and allow to shoot big gun with action key.
  • Fix static meshes having wrong colors on savegame reload.
  • Fix rollingball incorrectly killing Lara in water and in jump.
  • Fix resurfacing on underwater death.
  • Fix water to ladder animation not activating in all cases.
  • Fix ripples not appearing on water connections higher than room bottom.
  • Fix several problems with ropes (stumbling, rope length, etc).
  • Fix several problems with teeth spikes.
  • Fix falling through twoblock platform on room number change.
  • Fix falling block breaking too early if placed on a vertical portal.
  • Fix crashes when loading image files are missing.
  • Disable trigger check for puzzle holes.
  • Clear locusts and other swarm enemies on level reload.
  • Enhance cobra AI and fix targeting.
  • Fully decompile HAMMER object from TR4.
  • Prevent title music audio from starting in a random place.
  • Update harpoon speed on room change.
  • Enable second sky layer rendering.
  • Preserve inventory and flare on level jumps.
  • Timer.Create now lets you choose the units to display remaining time.
  • Fatal script errors now boot you to the title (it will crash if the title itself has these errors).
  • SetFarView has been removed, and Flow.Level.farView is now uncapped.
  • DisplayString text will now be cleared when a level is exited or reloaded.
  • EventSequence.lua has been added and documented.

NOTE 1: All existing TEN projects must be updated and all level files (including title) should be recompiled with new TE version, because level format is changed. To update existing projects, also drop in contents of TombEngine_101_Update.zip into project's Engine folder.

NOTE 2: For existing TEN projects, please remove Flow.SetFarView() string from Gameflow.lua, or else game won't start.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, Legacy installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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Version 1.6 is now released along with TEN 1.0.2 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Added node editor for TEN visual trigger construction.
  • Allow rotating volumes on roll axis.
  • Automatically generate Lua names for all objects on TR4 to TEN project conversion.
  • Fix epic memory leak which occured during textbox input.

  • Show proper animation name tooltip in state change editor.
  • Don't clamp low frame number in state change editor if high frame is not yet set.

TEN Version 1.0.2:
  • Support volume triggers made with node editor.
  • Removing Pistols with TakeItem and SetItemCount now works correctly.
  • Adjust max turn rate of idle state.
  • Align Lara on slopes when crouching, crawling, and dying.
  • Better slope alignment for large, flat enemies (i.e. big scorpion and crocodile).
  • Lock turn rate when automatically aligning Lara to objects.
  • Don't play Lara alignment animations if the interacted object is too close.
  • Allow vertical pole mounts only when facing one directly.
  • Allow vertical pole mounts while turning, walking, or running.
  • Update monkey swing 180 turn animation.
  • Update backward monkey swing animations.
  • Added standing 180 turn. Activated with WALK+ROLL on dry ground, automatic when in wade-height water or swamp.
  • Added crouch turn and crawl turn animations.
  • Added new switch OCBs:
    - 0 for wall switch
    - 1 for small wall switch
    - 2 for small button
    - 3 for big button
    - 4 for giant button (sequence switch)
    - 5 for valve turn
    - 6 for hole switch
    - any other OCBs play corresponding switch on anim or OCB+1 switch off anim.
  • Fix incorrect pole mounting.
  • Fix zeroed forward velocity upon landing.
  • Fix incorrect behaviour when falling on statics from the top after monkeyswing.
  • Fix missing animcommand calls on first animation frame.
  • Fix 1-frame turn rate delays.
  • Fix occasional leave event calls when moving closer to volumes.
  • Fix incorrect viewport size in windowed mode.
  • Fix late landing animation dispatch in rare cases.
  • Fix incorrect velocity calculations for death animations.
  • Fix horseman's axe attack using his left foot as the damaging joint.
  • Fix stargate blades needlessly pushing the player around while hardly doing any damage.
  • Fix weapon hotkeys and add missing crossbow hotkey.

Lua API changes:
  • Vec3s can now be saved and loaded in LevelVars and GameVars.
  • Util.ShortenTENCalls no longer needs to be called; it is now automatic for both level scripts and Gameflow.lua.
  • Flow.InvID has been removed; any function taking a pickup (e.g. GiveItem) now takes an Objects.ObjID instead.
  • Added Enable, Disable, GetActive, Get/SetSolid functions for static meshes.
  • Added FadeOutComplete, StopAudioTrack and StopAudioTracks functions.
  • Account for objects in HasLineOfSight tests.
  • Timer.lua, EventSequence.lua and Util.lua have been moved to a subfolder, Engine.
  • LevelFuncs can now contain tables as well as functions. These tables can contain functions and other tables, and so forth.
  • Moveable functions SetOnHit, SetOnKilled, SetOnCollidedWithObject and SetOnCollidedWithRoom no longer take strings, and instead take function objects themselves.
  • EventSequence and Timer no longer require you to call Timer.UpdateAll in OnControlPhase.
  • TEN.Logic.AddCallback and TEN.Logic.RemoveCallback have been added.
  • GiveItem, TakeItem, and SetItemCount have been reworked (e.g. SetItemCount with a value of -1 can give infinite ammo/consumables).

NOTE 1: You can update existing TIDE projects by dropping contents of TombEngine102_Update.zip into project's Engine folder. Please note that if you have used inventory script functions, Flow.InvID enumeration will not work and return errors. You must now use Objects.ObjID enumeration instead.

NOTE 2: For existing TEN projects, also please remove any colAddHorizon references from Gameflow.lua. This parameter is deprecated, use textures with real alpha transparency instead.

NOTE 3: In any of your scripts, as well as from Gameflow.lua, remove lines "require(Util)" and "Util.ShortenTENCalls()", because ShortenTENCalls() utility is now deprecated. These lines are usually placed in the beginning of the script.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, Legacy installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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