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Version 1.6.1 is now released along with TEN 1.0.3 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add SwapMoveableMesh, RunLuaScript and RunConditionalLuaScript node functions.
  • Add a group of Lara object node functions.
  • Use shatter attribute in trcatalog.xml to apply static shatter property in TEN.
  • Fix exception when selecting animated textures with unsupported animation type.
  • Fix exception when pushing Ctrl+V in newly opened node editor.
  • Fix objects occasionally not doing drag-n-drop into node editor.
  • Fix level script functions not parsing properly in some cases.
  • Fix sound info chance value packing for TR1-TR3.

  • Added missing state names for the new Lara's TEN animations.
  • Added missing animation names for the new Lara's TEN animations.
  • Fix incorrect remap of pushable blocks to broken TEN slots.

  • Updated PLAY.exe for new game projects.
  • Updated Tomb1Main preset to 2.11.

TEN Version 1.0.3:
  • Add ledge jumps (Lara object must be updated with new animations to make it work).
  • Allow any object slot to be used as a meshswap.
  • Add OCB 1 for rollingball to make it silent.
  • Customize waterfall mist colour and OCB (XXYY, where XX is width, and YY is size).
  • Implement HK shooting modes from TR5.
  • Implement sprite instancing to speed up rendering.
  • Enable dynamic lights for swarm enemies (beetles, rats and bats).
  • Re-enable underwater caustics.
  • Increase amount of maximum secrets per level from 8 to 32.
  • Improve game and inventory input handling.
  • Adjust sprint jump timing.
  • Backport DAMOCLES_SWORD from TR1.
  • Fix going into inventory and load/save dialogs during fade-ins and fade-outs.
  • Fix savegames not preserving save number and game timer.
  • Fix dodgy weapon lock angle constraints.
  • Fix wrong shotgun ammo pickup amount.
  • Fix shotgun using 6 units of ammo with each shot.
  • Fix rocket explosions near statics.
  • Fix explosive crossbow bolts not damaging player.
  • Fix poisoned crossbow bolts not damaging enemies.
  • Fix TR3 monkey level crash.
  • Fix occasional ejections when landing on a slope.
  • Fix occasional ejections when climbing up on a ledge under a slope.
  • Fix pushables not being pushable on top of bridges and other pushables.
  • Fix pushables having incorrect collision when bounding box is bigger than 1 block.
  • Fix grabbing narrow ledges below ceilings.
  • Fix slow centaur projectile velocity.
  • Fix search animations - allow chest and shelf animations to play properly.
  • Fix sarcophagus and its item pickup.
  • Fix underwater door and double doors continuing to be interactable after opening.
  • Fix underwater door being interactable when underwater switch is on the same square.
  • Fix ability to turn when aligning to an object while standing.
  • Fix left arm lock while picking up an item with a flare in hand.
  • Fix potential crashes when exiting game.
  • Fix secret soundtrack (which filename number should be the last) not playing.
  • Fix distance fog not applying properly to additive and subtractive surfaces.
  • Fix swarm enemies and projectiles occasionally drawn using incorrect meshes.
  • Fix single-hand weapons not having a sound on draw and undraw.
  • Fix waterfall mist - it can now be disabled with antitrigger.
  • Fix underwater lever pull animation playing after interacting with underwater ceiling switch.
  • Fix SAS_DRAG_BLOKE object interaction.
  • Fix KILLER_STATUE not triggering.

Lua API changes:
  • A new class has been added, LaraObject, for Lara-specific functions. The built-in "Lara" variable now uses this class.
  • Add functions for Lara object:
    - GetPoison / SetPoison
    - GetAir / SetAir
    - GetOnFire / SetOnFire
    - GetSprintEnergy / SetSprintEnergy
    - GetWet / SetWet
    - GetWeaponType / SetWeaponType
    - UndrawWeapon
    - GetAmmoCount
    - GetHandStatus
    - ThrowAwayTorch
  • Add AttachObjCamera script command for moveables to attach camera to them.
  • Add FlipMap and PlayFlyBy script commands and node functions.
  • Add GetMoveablesBySlot and GetStaticsBySlot script commands to select groups of items.
  • Add FlyCheat option to gameflow script for disabling dozy mode.
  • Add SetTotalSecretCount option to gameflow script to set overall amount of secrets.
  • Raised the maximum value on Moveable.SetHP to 32767 (its internal numeric maximum).

NOTE 1: This update changes string conventions, so some menu strings may display as "not found". You need to update existing Strings.lua in your projects according to the one provided in TEN update archive (in /Scripts folder). New TEN projects created with TIDE 1.6.1 doesn't need that.

NOTE 2: Since version 1.6.1, legacy .NET Framework 4.5 installers are no longer provided. Instead, there are 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) .NET6 installers. TEN template still contains 32-bit builds of TEN in both versions.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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Version 1.6.2 is now released along with TEN 1.0.4 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Added node functions:
    - PushKey - emulates specified key push.
    - ClearKey - blocks specified key from pushing.
    - SetEffect, SetCustomEffect - assigns an effect to a moveable.
    - TestLaraVehicle - checks if Lara is on a vehicle.
    - TestLaraTargeting - checks if Lara is targeting any enemy.
    - TestLaraTorchIsLit - checks if Lara holds a torch and it is lit.
    - SetMoveablePositionToAnotherMoveable - moves one moveable to another moveable position.
  • Added a group of new node functions for volumes.
  • Don't allow to export nodes if there are no nodes.
  • Filter out AI objects from moveable lists in node editor.
  • Fix minor UI issues in node editor.
  • Fix texture border bleeding in TEN compiler.
  • Fix broken double-sided triangle textures in TEN compiler.
  • Fix several memory leaks related to texture conversion.
  • Fix some objects not linking to triggers in TEN compiler.
  • Fix rename object dialog locking up editor when switching to other app.
  • Fix possible exceptions with gizmo assigned to an object about to be deleted.
  • Fix possible exceptions after using context menus.

  • Automatically correct bounding boxes for standable objects when importing to TEN wad.
  • Fix main window right-click menus not working after visiting other windows.
  • Fix state change editor clamping high frame to one frame less than frame count.
  • TEN Base WAD:
    - Make Lara standing animation less wobbly.
    - Update pose animations to make Lara breath whilst posing.
    - Update minecart animations to include death anim.
    - Add placeholder detachable HK lasersight mesh.
    - Fix Lara animations 464, 466, and 472 which were missing sound effects.
    - Fix Lara train death animation followed by Seth death animation.

  • Update TEN template to include font with extended character set.

TEN: Version 1.0.4
  • Add generic assignable effects for moveables - fire, sparks, smoke and laser / electric ignite.
  • Add ability to burn enemies with FLAME_EMITTER_1 and death blocks.
  • Add wireframe mode and other visual debug information (switch by F10/F11 debug page scroll hotkeys).
  • Activate Lara-bound volume triggers with mounted vehicles.
  • Allow multiple individual activators for the same volume at the same time.
  • Remove TRC remnant which added HK to inventory if pistols weren't available.
  • Change default shatter sound to TR4_SMASH_ROCK (tomb4 default).
  • Reduce idle pose time from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Automatically align pickups to floor surface.
  • Minecart enhancements:
    - Add landing / jump sound.
    - Add falldamage.
    - Explode in water below 2 click surface.
    - Fix jump.
  • Templar Knight enhancements:
    - Restored spark effects.
    - Can destroy statics in shatter slots.
    - Fix crash when attacking.
  • SAS enhancements:
    - Fix grenade shooting.
    - Fix AI_MODIFY and AI_GUARD behaviour.
  • Fix several renderer performance and room culling issues.
  • Fix choppy camera movement in several cases.
  • Fix Lara's vertical position when shimmying around steep slope corners.
  • Fix legacy pickup triggers not working in certain cases.
  • Fix crawl pickup not actually doing any pickups.
  • Fix demigod and harpy shooting in incorrect directions.
  • Fix particle effects for seth and harpy magic attacks.
  • Fix lasersight always displaying with HK, revolver and crossbow.
  • Fix rapid ammo spending in HK lasersight mode.
  • Fix incorrect string IDs for item combine, HK and revolver with lasersight.
  • Fix puzzle holes not swapping to puzzle done objects.
  • Fix several collision and sound source issues in flipped rooms.
  • Fix several pushable sound and object collision bugs.
  • Fix original bug with incorrect climb up behaviour on ladders under sloped ceilings.
  • Fix original bug with reassigned control keys still triggering default events.
  • Fix TR1 centaur bubble targeting.
  • Fix TR5 autogun rotation.
  • Fix occasional wrong rollingball collision in narrow pits.
  • Fix classic rollingball and big rollingball not behaving properly.
  • Fix caustics not turning off in display settings.
  • Fix windowed mode not using real resolution when DPI scaling is active.
  • Fix control lock not working in flyby sequences.
  • Fix empty inventory when using build and play feature in TE.
  • Fix non-pickupable thrown flares.
  • Fix throwing flare without drawing any weapons if there are no weapons present.
  • Fix several incorrect FOV reset issues.
  • Fix current soundtrack fading into silence if incoming one doesn't exist.
  • Fix crash if there is an attempt to display a string with missing characters.

Lua API changes:
  • Add new Volume class and several methods for it.
  • Add new Moveable functions: GetEffect, SetEffect and SetCustomEffect (for colored fire).
  • Add new Lara functions: GetTarget, GetVehicle and TorchIsLit.
  • Remove Lara functions: SetOnFire and GetOnFire (replaced with GetEffect and SetEffect).
  • Add Gameflow.lua options:
    - Flow.EnableMassPickup for mass pickup functionality.
    - Flow.EnableLaraInTitle for displaying Lara in title flyby.
    - Flow.EnableLevelSelect for title flyby level selection.
    - level.secrets for level-specific secret count.
  • Fix level.ambientTrack property not working for title flyby.
  • Fix action key script functions not fully working in some cases.
  • Fix mounted vehicles ignoring Disable, Shatter and Explode script commands.
  • Fix SetPosition command not updating room number correctly.
  • Fix Rotation class using integers under the hood which prevented using fractional rotation values.
  • Fix distance tests failing on a very high distances.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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Version 1.6.3 is now released along with TEN 1.0.5 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add several node functions for room scripting.
  • Add TestMoveableFrameNumber node function for moveables.
  • Allow free axis rotation for dart emitter object in TEN projects.
  • Offset pasted nodes if they land on same position.
  • Fix exception when trying to copy lua name to clipboard for objects without a name.
  • Fix sound sources not properly compiled for TEN.
  • Fix game executable path field not displaying properly for TEN target in level settings.

  • Add animation names to ID_SWAT and ID_GUARD.
  • Add Ctrl+I shortcut in animation editor to interpolate frames.
  • Use timeline selection size as a default value for interpolated frame count.
  • Fix state ID list not properly selecting states with similar names.
  • Fix incorrect remapping of TR1-TR3 rollingballs to TEN.

  • Update Tomb1Main preset to 2.12.
  • Update TR3 preset to include tomb3 project.

TEN: Version 1.0.5
  • Fix combined items not existing in inventory upon game reload.
  • Fix classic rollingball not behaving properly in rooms beyond the distance of 32 blocks.
  • Fix rollingball not killing Lara under certain movement angles.
  • Fix savegame crashes when rooms with static meshes are flipped.
  • Fix discrepancies between statistics and save / load game time units.
  • Fix draw key incorrectly working in binoculars / lasersight mode.
  • Fix incorrect picking up from plinths concealed by raising blocks.
  • Fix reversed grenade rotation.
  • Fix flame emitter 3 not burning player.
  • Fix TR2 yeti, TR3 civvy and MP with stick vault bugs.
  • Fix TR2 worker with flamethrower and TR3 flamethrower baddy attack ranges and aiming issues.
  • Fix TR3 tribeman with axe not attacking Lara.
  • Fix TR3 tribeman with dart not shooting at Lara's direction.
  • Fix TR3 crow and TR4 harpy death animations not performing correctly.
  • Fix TR4 crocodile attack range and joint rotation speed.
  • Fix TR4 Von Croy not using animation for 2 and 3 step down vaults.
  • Fix TR4 baddies not using animation for 3 step down vaults.
  • Fix TR5 laserhead guardian.
  • Fix crash, water death and meshswap issues for TR5 cyborg.
  • Fix pathfinding problems for first initialized enemy of every slot.
  • Fix pathfinding of flying and water creatures (partial).
  • Fix rare crash when smash item is inside a wall and add warning log for the scenario.
  • Fix bone rotations of some entities.
  • Fix Lara's animation for cog switch release.
  • Add new OCB to cog switch object:
    - Use OCB 0 to have the traditional behaviour.
    - Use any other OCB to can use the Cog Switch without need of any door linked.
  • Allow to freely rotate dart emitter in all directions.
  • Customize dart emitter damage with OCB. Negative number will additionally poison Lara.
  • Draw real mesh for darts.
  • Added warning log when one slot requires another slot which is missing.

Lua API changes:
  • Add new Room class and several methods for it.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.
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