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Rewatched The Love Witch to see if I missed any wisdom the first time around (I didn't. And still have no idea what the hell the movie is trying to say) but what makes it worth it is one of the side characters.
He spends all his screentime giggling like a schoolboy at how forward the main is until the love spell hits and he breaks down at how women are either smart OR pretty

Honestly the movie isn't pro-women, pro-men or pro-magick. It isn't even pro-love. It's just confusing lol

Today's topic!: Bloodletting

Once upon a time I had my foot crushed by a truck. It was broken in a couple places, muscle was torn, horrible bruising, the works. It was set and bandaged by the hospital and I was on my merry way to eight weeks of vulnerability and regret.

When I was able to walk again I stopped into the local Korean spa where the tiny woman who gives shiatsu massages has the strength of 3 grown men, I swear. She gave me a foot massage and I explained what happened. She told me to come back the next day.

I was taken into the back room where they do Brazilian waxes and she checked the foot over, prodding places and asking where I feel the pain. Then she took out the needle and asked if I was ready. Yes.

She stabbed me with dozens of pinpricks using heated glass suction cups to suck out blood clots I didn't even know were in there. It was incredibly painful and don't even remember how long it took but it was worth it.

Leech saliva contains natural anti-coagulants. Much like how maggots eat necrotic flesh while leaving the alive meat alone, they have a not-as-of-yet replaced method of function. I wonder if there is any place to get them around

They say our cells are replaced entirely on average every 7 years. I want to replace some blood to freshen things up.

But PSA: I do not in any way encourage anyone to self-harm.

If there was ever an incantation to make people leave the house, it's this song

Blackjack is a metaphor for crime, according to the vocalist but it can really be used as an allegory for anything. Anyways it's really aggressive so don't listen to it

I've always liked Poker more as a rule of life: don't play the hand, play the person. Blackjack is about flying close to the Sun

☆something sorta gross incoming☆

Found some sort of carcass by the river, it looks like a possum or raccoon. I tried to put it somewhere it can decompose cleanly and I can maybe collect the skull later, it's in great condition and has all its teeth. At the very least it can be eaten by something now.

Every time I get slashed it's by 4 lately. A tree branch saved me from plummeting down a hill but in grabbing it I got scraped in a weirdly perfectly spaced way. It's been so long since I've felt that absolute lack of control of my body and almost drop, since becoming an adult it's usually in dreams of falling that I wake up soaked in sweat from.

My Christmas tradition movie has been Batman Returns for as long as I can remember.. I love how it's still ambiguous after all these years as to whether Catwoman actually died and was reborn with powers when she was killed by her boss or if it was just brain damage/a mental breakdown. There isn't anything she does in the movie that a human can't do but damn does she take some damage.

Shout-out to Selina's laugh at 1:57 when Max runs out of bullets and is left at her mercy. And to Batman's disappearing eyeliner just before he rips off his mask, that Bruce can afford anything!


This song samples the classic circus tune above, Entry of the Gladiators

It speaks about selling their souls to.. something (Mancow? That's bi-gender. Male would be manbull) but everything the clowns claim was handed to them can be disputed by the thick trail of work they have left behind them over the decades; they earned their fame/infamy quickly even before the internet and meme culture would have automatically skyrocketed them. I honestly think Juggaloism has been around since the dawn of humanity, ICP just gave it a name and put it to music.

It's kind of cool to see how it gradually gets eaten. It's head and tail are still in good shape so far

Okay no more dead animals for awhile, promise. Maybe I should try to seek out lighter magick
Well if that ain't aren't the isn't

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