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Default Error in warm up dll. Error trying to load plugin:Plugin_FLEP.dll

Ok, I'm a newbie trying to build my first level in Tomb Editor 1.5.2 and I can't even test it without having this error from the image.

I already downloaded vcredist, visual c runtimes and some others things I read from other users with similar problems, but still the error persist, so I can't build anything with the Trng engine.

I don't have that problem if I use the TEN engine but still I got some errors that I can't solve either. Maybe that's because I'm trying to create a new wad and only happen when I change Lara model for another one, then ingame she lost mobility and can't perform some moves without crashing.The rest of objects works fine.

Can anybody help me?
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TEN Lara actually has a different structure than TR4 Lara from what I know, idk why but it sure is inconvenient
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The FLEP that comes with TIDE has this issue.

I recommend to, either:
- uninstall the plugin in TIDE (the plugin is only required for certain patches - you can still use the FLEP program without the plugin)
Open TIDE, go to Plugin manager and remove the FLEP plugin from the project.


- reinstall FLEP with the most recent version available here (both FLEP main program and custom patches)
Slightly confused

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Tried the second option and it give me the errors “Selected archive/folder doesn’t contain a valid plugin DLL file.

So I tried the first option next (I didn’t wanted to delete anything) and it worked and finally let me test my level.

I wonder what kind of problems I will get for deleting that plugin. But at least I can continue for now.

Thanks a lot!
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