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Default New AOD animation covers lost period between 4th and 6th games

This popped up on my feed

New Tomb Raider animation from Angel of Darkness writer covers lost period between the 4th and 6th games.
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Here's the video on YouTube:


I can't tell you how great it is to hear the "real" Lara again.
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i really loved this video and how it gives context on Lara pre-AoD. i guess what happened after the game is she returned to North Africa to find the truth behind the slaughter of the Bantiwa. maybe she invited Kurtis to go with since his own people were slaughtered, too, and he really had nowhere else to go (other than home to his mom, who i think was still alive)

based on this concept, i imagine The Lost Dominion would have been about Lara's journey back to the Bantiwa's last known sighting, and finding out how the Nephilim intertwined with their alchemy-like practices of medicinal extraction. Gunderson and Karel might have reappeared; basically weaving AoD and the Bantiwa together to set up a sequel.

so then maybe, Dreams of Resurrection might have given Lara a conundrum similar to the end of Shadow; either rewrite time to save the Bantiwa but Eckhardt is ultimately successful in reviving the Nephilim, or keep the world as it is now, safe but with her new-found family lost for eternity. this would set up the new series, dropping the Tomb Raider branding but keeping the Lara Croft name as she goes on to do other things

idk it's fun to theorize. i loved the video
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That was beautiful. There's so much spinoff game material in this story, but after how bad CD handled the tribal stuff in SOTTR, I'm having doubts.
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I just finished watching this. Truly beautiful! This is what Tomb Raider should be.
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