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Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post

I'm just wondering (not even thinking about you implementing it), but would it theoretically be possible to patch 3D models for the secrets in on the fly? I assume they work the same as all the other pickups, except that they do not have 3D versions in the level file, right?
So if someone were to provide geometry data for them they could - in theory - be patched into the levels on the fly, right?
Textures will probably be an issue, since those aren't part of the level files as well - unless we treat them as very thin objects and use the sprite for the side-faces and only use an appropriate color for the thin side-faces...
... which also makes them more or less the same as sprites, with the disadvantage that they won't be seen as well as the spites since the 3d objects probably won't turn with the camera like sprites do, right?
Only as external model import on-fly. Maybe as outfit importer prototype.
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Is anyone else having problems getting the latest dev build to run?

"Tomb Raider II" shows up in the taskbar, but nothing else happens on-screen (it doesn't even go black ), and I have to use the Task Manager to regain control of my PC, which says Tomb2.exe is not responding.

My current setup is kind of messy, but I have the same issue trying to run the dev build on a fresh STEAM install, so...
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Hi. Just to make a small suggestion for Golden Mask. I've noticed that Lara uses a orange health bar and a grey breath bar during story mode, but in the manor (when playing GM) the health/breath bars are red and blue instead. Would you consider, if possible, changing the GM manor bars to orange and grey to match story mode? I think it would be a nice change to have for consistency.
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Hi Arsunt, any succes with increasing the max save file size yet?

Greetings and best wishes.
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