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Default What would your advice be?

I actually cheat when playing like tr2 and 4 for the ammo.

I want to start the tr series from 1,2,3 etc. I actually dont like thinking about if the ammo etc. Will be enough. But I think I loose the experience by doing so.

Is it really hard to play the game without cheats? Do I need to find ammo etc. Often?

Or is it ok to play it witch cheats. Idk.

What would you do?

The only core design game I finished without them is 6.

Mod: can you change the title to : cheats vs no cheats?

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There should be enough ammo in the games, and you get never ending pistol ammo. So you should be able to get through the game without ammo cheats.

What you need is fighting tips......
Just use pistol ammo on easy baddies.
every hard baddy has ways to beat them quicker and without taking hits to Lara (prevents losing energy).
For instance you can keep flipping over a baddy with a jump and shoot him in the back, and keep dong that.
Lock on to the baddy by firing, then you can side jump back and forth without taking hits to lara.
There are other techniques to beat each type of baddy as can be read by doing a search on here.

Only use the more powerful weapons sparingly and only when you encounter tough baddies, or lots of them.

And finally you can run by many baddies without firing a shot, and get out of their fighting zone, and continue further into the game.

In TR1 to TR3 you can run faster away by run and jump, run and jump. TR4 has a fast run button.
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every tomb raider has a LOT of ammunition and pistols will never run out and kill enemies fast enough
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Well, for most classic Tomb Raider games when it comes to conserving ammo, it is best to search all over for secrets as they contain a generous amount of ammo, not to mention giving you an opportunity to obtain powerful weapons earlier on in the game.

Another tip would be to try and use the nothing more than the Pistols against most enemies earlier on in the game as they are known to be the weaker ones, such as Peru in Tomb Raider 1, China and Venice in Tomb Raider 2 and India in Tomb Raider 3, exc.

For example, when I play through Tomb Raider 1, I use the Pistols up until the point in Tomb of Tihocan where the Centuar fight happens as from then on after the enemies become far more challenging and takes a lot more bullets to take them all down.

When it comes to cheating though, i'm not sure if this is the same on PC as it is on Playstation but when you cheat for full ammo and all weapons on most of the classic games, sure you get all that but I noticed the damage the weapons give off against enemies is reduced.

I'm not saying they are cruel people but Core Design is well known for punishing players when it comes to cheating on Tomb Raider, especially if you input something wrong so this decreased weapon damage is most likely another one of those punishments.
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Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post
In TR1 to TR3 you can run faster away by run and jump, run and jump. TR4 has a fast run button.
Tomb Raider III introduced the sprint, not TLR.
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Choosing to sprint with Lara is a death wish in itself during most levels, you lose most control and by the time you see something hazardous ahead, you have to hope you reacted fast enough or else she slides and falls down pits or smacks into a lethal trap so really the only time it is ever good to sprint is in a long stretch of space, most of the time the game has places designed to clearly show it is a sprinting section like in Temple of Puna with the giant boulder or Angkor Wat where the large door is slowly closing but attempting to do that in secluded spaces is suicide and you find it is less quick than running around regularly, which is why not many speed runners use it.
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Jump dammit! Jump like your life depends on it because with nearly all fights IT DOES! Also save your medipacks.
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You should be fine. You have unlimited pistol ammo and most enemies can either be sniped at from a higher ledge, or just killed from behind because of poor turning radius (Lara is more agile than most of the enemies). It's just the later mummy/atlantean enemies you have to be careful about since they can kill you quickly, except for the flyers and the centaurs. The flyers can be killed while they're still flying without retaliation. The centaurs look and seem imposing with all the explosives they toss at you, but they probably have the worst melee attack of all the enemies. Just keep behind them while shooting and they'll eventually go down.
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Tomb Raider
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I would say it's very rewarding to play through the games without using any cheats. I always used cheat codes for weapons when I was younger, but it's actually way more fun to find the weapons and ammo for it. After I ditched the cheats I never really wanted them back. It's not even difficult now. When I was a kid it seemed impossible without cheats, but it's just more fun without it. It really makes you value your resources.
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I really don't think you'll need mods. It's very easy to just only use bonus weapons when the occasion truly calls for it, and the Duals have never-ending ammo. I got through TR2 without having to worry about ammo once.
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