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Default Daro Anim Maker v1.3: A new tool to edit WAD animations.

Hello All!
Let me introduce myself. I'm Darío and I have coded this tool that let you to edit/save animations within a WAD file.
Some of you, may be the oldest people here have hear my name... well who cares!
I have been reading since long time ago, that Wadmerger had many non-fixed bugs and problems. Well that being said, I decided to code this tool.
I were releasing previous versions at the spanish tombraiderfans forum (the guys there helped me a lot ) but if I release a public version in this forum, i'm sure I will get more feedbacks and suggestions since this is the most popular forum in the web.
Hope we can follow improving my app with the support of all you, happy raiding!

The readme.


*** Daro Anim Maker v1.3 ****
By Daro Raider (Dario Romero). San Juan, Argentina.
November, 2012.

This tool allow you to edit/modify/save the animation data stored in a wad file. Its interface is very friendly and
it is NOT intended to be a replacement for the traditional Wadmerger. Both programs can be complemented, meaning that
one may help the other in the customization process of a WAD file.

What is capable to do:

- Load, modify and save Animation Data ( Frame by Frame)
- Edit Animation Parameters. It includes a state change editor and anim command editor.
- Build new Animations from scratch.
- Import, Export Animations (not yet implemented)

- You need to have a hardware accelerated directx 8.1 compatible videocard.
- At least 500mhz processor running on win98, WinMe, win200 or Windows XP.
- Miminum 64mb Ram, (256mb Ram recomended).

================================================== ===
====================FEATURES INCLUDED================
================================================== ===

1- Load/Save Wad File

when you are running the app, to open a wad file: click on File Menu -> Open WAD. You will have a ListBox
with Moveables items. If you click on a moveable string you will have a ComboBox with all the Animations for that moveable.
There is a spinBox to check each frame for one animation.
If you click on the "Play/Stop Button" you can run the animation.
To save a a wad File, just click on File Menu -> Save Wad.

2-a- Edit Frames

When you have Opened a wad file and selected an animation with a frame, you can edit it. In thw Panel viewport, you can
choose what mesh you would like to modify by picking it. Three TrackBars ( X, Y, Z) will be enabled right to the viewport.
You can slide down/up each trackbar to rotate the picked Mesh.
Once you have finished to rotate the selected mesh, you can save the changes to the animation by clicking on the "Update Frame"
button. (REMEMBER: that if you want to save any change done in the frame, you must click on the Update Frame)

2-b- Mouse Buttons.

Left Click: You pick a mesh.

Right Click : You can rotate the moveable.

Ctrl + Right Click: You can zoom in/out the moveable.

Shift + Right Click: Move(translate) the moveable.

3- Add & Delete KeyFrames

To add a new KeyFrame, you must click on "Add KeyFrame" button. ( A copy of the last KeyFrame in the animation, will be added after the last keyframe )
To delete a KeyFrame, you simply go to Edit->Delete KeyFrame.

4- Copy & Paste KeyFrames

You can copy any KeyFrame by simply hitting on Menu->copy Frame, then you can paste(replace) it wherever you want.
You may only copy / paste frames among animations within the same moveable.


You all know what is a bounding box, right? Well, not going into details, you can see the frame bounding box by checking
the "show Anim Translation" checkbox and then checking "Show Bounding Box."
If you modify a frame, you will also need to re-calculate the bounding box for that frame. Click on "Calculate Bounds"
(you also need to Update the frame so that the new bounds are saved).
There is an option to calculate the bounds for the entire moveable under the "Calculate Bounds" button.


As you know, each animation has its own paramteres such us Frame Rate, NumFrames, Speed, Next Anim, etc.
They can be edited and saved using the "Apply Button".
State Changes and Anim Commands features are the same as in Wadmerger.(if you want to go further into details about Changes, Dispatches & anim commands, check the "WAD File Format" document by Iceberg)


This feature allow you to build a customized segment animation, generating interpolated Keyframes from two given Kframes.
You have the first KFRAME and the final KFRAME textboxes. The start position textbox where you specify from where to start building the animation.
The length is the number of generated Kframes plus the start and final kframes.
All the Kframes after the "start position" are shifted, they are not deleted.
If you don't like the animation generated you can "Undo" it.

Final words.
Well, the tool is very intuitive so that everybody can use it. You just need some knowledges about "basic" animation. Nothing else.
As i told you, i'm not claiming or trying to compite with Wadmeger,etc. I have been reading that Wadmerger had some non-fixed bugs & problems, so there is
where my tool comes to help. My tool was designed and tested using wadmerger generated wad files, so both can be easily complmented, or at least, I hope that. :P


-Tomb Raider Fans forum ( McRaider, Pemon, Suikaze Raider, raiderromero ). Thanks all to give me your feedbacks and help me to sort out some important bugs.

-Turbo Pascal ( God Turbo Pascal!!, He has helped me to sort out many hard tasks, without your hand, i wouldn't what i'm now)


-Michael Chourdakis, to use his XML parse libraries ( moveable strings )


Daro Raider. November,2012.

One Screenshot!

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Download Version 1.4 revision 1


Good Luck!

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I have tried to run this program but keep getting an "exception in module..." popup for every element of the UI it seems.

Is the program written in C++? My PC is old maybe I need to update C++ runtime or operating system.
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Looks interesting. I'll have to give it a try.
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This is awesome.
I'll try this, but it will take little time, if this works fine, i think i will say bye to Wadmerger. I will read readme, i'm not sure how to use it, i'm familiar with Wad Merger, but i hate it's crashes! Dx
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Originally Posted by sapper View Post
I have tried to run this program but keep getting an "exception in module..." popup for every element of the UI it seems.

Is the program written in C++? My PC is old maybe I need to update C++ runtime or operating system.
Hhm, yes the program is written in c++, but i think you don't need to update anything related to runtimes since my tool is a standalone exe.
What operating system you have?
Are you opening an original WAD file or a customized one?

It's really weird, it has been tested on many PCs and laptops under different OS, and they worked fine!!!
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Is it good for those who used? I'm thinking about try a new tool to make animations :3
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Wow! Great Job!
As a WADMerger animator, i think i can give you lots of tips of stuff i'm used on, stuff what i like and stuff what i miss.

My first impression:

Stuff that i miss:

The Time/Frame bar normally there's a framebar where you can click frames on.

LE-Square raster:
This would show depth in the box where you animate in.

Great new additions:
The bar to change the XYZ Values is a very great addition, this would help newbies to really understand all the axis's.

The position of lara's rootmesh:
The rootmesh position editor, which is much more obvious than the original WADMerger's one. Yet its hard to use due to the fact that there's no depth in the editor currently.

Organised State-ID window:
The Updated State-ID Window is much more organized.

I will be following the further development of this tool, seeing how it will expand, and good luck with that!

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A very promising tool, from what I've seen. I balk at having to use WADMerger's animation editor for anything bar the menial tasks of changing things like sound IDs for animations, so this might prove to be a worthwhile alternative if ever I go back into making levels.
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God D:!

I can't even open it

I think you need more time for a better release , to reorganize and code it better IMO (I'm no one to say that though )
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