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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
The epic bossfight (Not optional like TR1 and theres some puzzle mechanic implemented to it [reflecting the petrifying gazes with sheilds]. {It is very easy, you just need to master the adrenaline dodge.}
This is precisely the thing that made me rage-quit. The control is so clumsy on the PC.
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Nice list. Im glad your top 10 has some of my favorite levels in it. Id probably put. TRA - St. Francis Folly at 1 though, that level has so much to it, its so fun. Id also have Cistern and Sanctuary of the Scion from TR1 after that one. I love those levels so much.

Cistern is just bomb. It was heartbreaking to hear No. after I thought I finally found the right key, but then finally hearing that click and seeing the gate open was the most satisfying thing ever.
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