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Default background behind DVD game

quick question(s)

  • does anyone know why there was a DVD game made years after AOD was released?
  • what this Crystals take at AOD Lara? who designed this version of Lara? because it looks like legend meshed with AOD
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tlr online
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I covered this title here and here, the game synopsis and FAQ provides additional information on how this came to be.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider : The Action Adventure also reunites well known games industry figure and Bright Entertainment CEO Dominic Wheatley with Lara Croft.

Dominic was at Eidos when Tomb Raider was launched in 1996. "We have developed this game to give the family a great entertainment experience and to take the excitement of Lara Croft to a wider audience" says Wheatley. "It's fantastic fun for family and friends and for the first time gives everyone with a DVD player the opportunity to experience the excitement of the Tomb Raider phenomenon."
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I'm only surprised why they decided to use TRAOD to create the DVD experience. But I suppose maybe it's because the game is so linear it's easy to turn it into this interactive cutscene thing..?
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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
I'm only surprised why they decided to use TRAOD to create the DVD experience. But I suppose maybe it's because the game is so linear it's easy to turn it into this interactive cutscene thing..?
Because it was the latest game out. Using a previous entry and snapping back and forth between hideous ingame character model cutscenes and low res FMVs would be jarring for non-gamers.
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That thread tlr online linked to has all the information you could want (and more!), but to summarize-

Although AOD had been out three years by that point, it was still the latest release. Legend was still in development while they were putting the DVD game together.

I forget the name of the company that did the fancy 3D renders for Crystal up until Underworld, but the DVD game cover art definitely features their Lara model in an AOD-like outfit. Almost certainly done to keep the branding consistent, as this model was already being used for promotion of Legend. Since Lara had just gotten a makeover, it would be strange to see a "new" game with her old look on the cover...even though the game itself obviously features the "old" look throughout.

EDIT: just wanted to add, wow is that a _s t r a n g e_ cover. Like why is she making that weird smile and posing so awkwardly in front of a massive explosion?? The only smiling-Lara covers I'm ok with are TRII and Legend. Everything else makes me uncomfortable lol.

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