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Default TR4 Help

Howdy everyone,

I put a new Lara outfit and some weapons with Fexmerger into TR4 and on the level Underneath the Sphinx, for some reason, after completing the room with the many death traps and a switch at the end and coming back to the room with the three buttons, the center one disappears making the level unbeatable. Anybody know how to fix this? I've tried merging all of those switches from an unmodded version of the level but it doesn't fix the problem. Thank you in advance!
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Amazing how everything comes together, I've been modding various TR4 levels and cutscenes the last 2 days to kill some time, and I actually came past Underneath the Sphinx!

I've been adding the JEEP to levels that contain supposedly immortal enemies. UTS happens to have the Bull (SPHINX) so I did as usual, use Fexmerger, add JEEP, VEHICLE_EXTRA and PUZZLEITEM1 to that level file - then use FexinspectSK to replace two existing objects with JEEP and PI1 on the map.

The level won't load! I started from scratch and tried with only the MOTORBIKE and VEHICLE_EXTRA. same thing! All other levels i've done this to have loaded successfully. Underneath the Sphinx did NOT like it

I eventually got it working with the Guardian of Semerkhet no problems!

Fexmerger is notably touchy with TR5 levels, but it also has it's time with TR4 - there are other levels in TR4 known to glitch out after a Fexmerger.

There is another alternative you could try! I assume the outfit you want is from trsearch - create a .TR4 file of this level via wadmerger with the new outfit - id use a base wad from the TRLE - title.wad works well. tom2pc that one into title.tr4. I would try to use the very original TRLE tom2pc.exe so it doesn't add any NGLE tags to the level and confuse the program used in the next step.

Now, instead of Fexmerger, open TRviewer! Open your new title.tr4 file. Export every 'new object' that is a part of her new outfit and weaponry as TRMVB files. There's quite alot.. Do not export LARA. This ONLY contains animations and you should never edit this.

Now open TRviewer again but instead, load a FRESH copy of Underneath the Sphinx.
Now, right click each part of Lara's outfit and weaponry and click IMPORT TRMVB - make sure ANIMATIONS is always UNTICKED! You only want Meshes ticked. Import all those TRMVB's you exported of your newoutfit just before, over the same objects in Underneath the Sphinx. You should see each object change as you import each TRMVB.

Now save UTS again.You will now be asked if you would like to KEEP or DISCARD unused textures. For the first time, click KEEP.
Without closing TRviewer save again but do DISCARD and name the file something different .tr4 these are now TWO outputs of your UTS mod except one is with textures optimized, one is without. Classic TR moddings touchiness can really mean one, or both of those will now work, or neither will.. so try both level files by way of renaming. All done. Honestly sometimes i've found that KEEP or DISCARD selection has made the difference for a level loading for me or not - so two cannot hurt.

I can't guarantee this will bypass your dissapearing switch glitch, but it's a method to try when Fexmerger causes an error - try TRviewer instead. It might just take you a few more minutes having to individually export then import TRMVB files. - as opposed to Fexmerger's very easy tickbox merge process

Have fun
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