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Just finished Mankind Divided. I liked it but... where is the end, the conclusion ? That was a brutal and rushed ending.
Didn't notice any multiplayers though.

EDIT : Ok I didn't see the post credit scene. I like the plot twist, why not.
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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
Didn't notice any multiplayers though.
I think you might be talking about Deus Ex Breach. It's a separate game.

Think the deep dive sequence, but arcade.

Originally Posted by DragonSlayer View Post
I'd love to play Deus Ex Human Revolution on PS4, the sequel Mankind Divided not so much unless they remake it from the ground up with a better story and most importantly no unnecessary multiplayer that no-one wanted or asked for.
To me, they're both plain vent sims. I don't want them back.
I'd take a remake of the original.
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