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Thumbs up Active Lifestyle General Thread

I think we need a little startup.

Post any kind of exercise or active actions you've done - whether cycling, running marathon, sports, swimming, climbing mountains, or even simple stuff like going up a set of stairs or walking your pet around your neighbourhood.


So yesterday I went running on a treadmill at the gym around almost midnight. The weather here is still covered with smog/haze so it's not healthy to run outside. Feels like running in a hamster wheel, I miss the outdoor.

Gonna run again this evening.

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you expected responses on a video game forum?

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There's one so far then...
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Once I get over my current health issues, I'll be able to participate more.

However, general rule is BJJ Mon, Wed and Saturday, Muay thai on Tue and Thur, and Wrestling on Friday nights.

Throw in some random conditioning workouts here and there.

However, influenza and kidney stones have kept me sidelined for quite a lot lately :/
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I don't do a lot of sport sport, though I'd love to go running and cycling more.

I'm a dancer (I'm not sure if that counts on this thread ), and I have regular rehearsals so I don't do a lot of sport outside that. I know a particularly murderous choreographer that has us doing a plank for about five minutes every rehearsal, plus push-ups and squats so I'm quite strong from that!

I mostly work on flexibility, though - I stretch every day, even when I'm not in a show, because it's so easy to lose my splits (I'm not naturally bendy). Dance/workout games are always great fun as well.
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Used to be in the habit of going to the gym 4 times a week but then... stopped. I'll join again once I have a decent consistent income.
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I've just got home from the gym. I go 6 times a week, or at least 5 (if my boyfriend don't let me get out the bed xDDD)

I don't really have a goal, I just try to get as strong as I can and overcome my limits. SAIYAN LIFESTYLE!
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El Bastardo
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I play lot of fast Punk and Metal music on the drums so keeping fairy fit helps with stamina etc.However i don`t go to the Gym,go running or doing much really so i thought it was time for a change.

So i knew i had to get fitter but the trouble is i don`t really like exercise and would rather drink beer,eat crisps and shoot aliens in the face then go out running.Then i came across a site called 100 push up challenge which i thought was perfect for me.It only took a few minutes a day,the challenge had rest days were you didn`t have to do anything plus i was never away from my Pc,console and drums so i didn`t get withdraw symptoms.!

There are quite a few push up challenge sites but most of them offer the same program which is of course free.The basic idea is that your given a set amount of push ups a day that will hopefully take you from doing non to 100 in around six weeks.

So for those of you who don`t want to go to the Gym,start running or buy fittnes equipment the push up challenge may be for you.
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Tomb Raider
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I like the fact that I'm no longer needing to work 9 hours daily with an additional 1-hour bike trip just so I could make it home afterwards. It's been a really hard experience on my legs and I think I may have to get them looked at by a specialist knowing there's probably a number of compressed nerves based on what I've been feeling these past couple of weeks. Still, I'd like to be out there daily so I have something to keep me busy.
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At the moment,

Cycling pretty much every day,
Bouldering most days,
Outdoor mountaineering,
Gymnastics (kinda)
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