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Default Replace FMV with their beta equivalent

Just a short question, that'll hopefully get answered:

Is it possible to replace all the FMV's with the beta ones? I would like to do this because of Jean-Yves. Having him instead of Charles Kane would be better for continuity reasons.
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If it's okay to add to this thread, it might also be worth exploring whether Charles Kane's model in the title screen intro can be replaced by Jean-Yves as-well.

Beta image below:

Source of image here.

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If you have the beta FMVs in the same BIK format as the originals, could you just swap them out? Or will the game crash? Best way to find out is to do a bit of testing!

As for swapping Charles Kane for Jean Yves in the title, it should be possible by using FexMerger. You could export the Jean Yves model from TR4 (found in alexhub.tr4, "Jean Yves" slot) and import it over the corresponding Chronicles slot (Title.trc, "Animating 6" slot). However, you'd also need to make sure his animation stays the same as it appears in Chronicles (the bookshelf browse anim). Alternatively you could just retexture the exiting Charles Kane model to look like Jean Yves again. From the beta screenshot, it looks like that's exactly what Core did, but the reverse.

Truthfully I've never done any swapping like this myself, so it could be a big fat fail. In theory it could work!

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