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To be honest I love this mode. It is how TR should be in Normal imo. I died three times in the serpent trial. It is too dark and I couldn't figure out a way to climb. I died one time as well making the hanging tree kill animation; I fell to the ground like a dead fly.
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Iíve only managed to get to the first tomb with deadly obsession before falling through a stupid mistake so tomorrow Iím gonna delete my save and start fresh again on Hard lol.
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I had to replay Cozumel three times because of random flukes -- but it gets better later in the game, when you actually have campsites to save at...
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Loving playing on this difficulty I hope they keep it for the next game too.
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It is a mode truly for classic fans imo. Having to go back to your last save point because of a failed jump is one of the most nostalgic aspects of the older games, for better or for worse. I'm also not playing it on my first playthrough but I really don't think it should be "patched" either - it is a purely optional mode to play in: if you don't like it, then don't choose it.
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I'm confused. I never had the option to do deadly obsession?
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Gian Carlo
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Finish the game in whatever difficulty you like then port your upgrades to a new deadly obssession playthrough on new game plus
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the beginning is probably the hardest. after that you are able to farm and go back to savecamps before progressing in the story. thats what i do and its super easy. its probably not the best difficulty if you want to rush through the game with a low levelled lara and bad gear
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Originally Posted by Nausinous View Post
I so far haven't got past the first level on Deadly Obsession, I was trying to get a 100% but the game keeps freezing and there is input lag. I've been literally shimmying to the end of the level and the last cutscene, but Lara has lost her grip because my game froze and I didn't press grab quick enough. Quite annoying really but as a masochist I love it
Same....right when i made it to the stealth killing after getting the dagger...bam i got caught and died cause lara didn't stick to the wall.

frustrating but hey i got myself into it! so i might....start over on hard
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Had to restart a couple times from previous checkpoints but I love it. Iím taking my time, walking slowly through every tomb and looking for traps, making sure I upgrade everything necessary to survive easier against enemies etc, itís making me pay closer attention to what Iím doing and to my environment. I think this is how the game should be played.
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