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Gemma Darkmoon
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I am in two minds about Shadow so I went for mostly like. It's puzzles and combat are the best since Legend. I think they are really excellent and the game is the first in a long while to get all three pillars right plus in a well balanced way. I enjoyed this game far more than the other reboot TR games.

The game set out to show us Lara becoming the tomb raider, having moral choices and to showcase a grand city. In all of these they failed to deliver. Lara didn't become the tomb raider and doing all those side-quests felt slow compared to the narrative of the game. The attire direction and attitude towards classic signatures were total failures that leave a bitter taste. It's a real shame when so much was great in this game.
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I am surprised how much value the DLC added - I have been rediscovering the game since completing it and absolutely loving it The only things I dislike are the social aspects (Paititi), the outfit restrictions and the collection frenzy. Otherwise this is pretty close to perfect. A bit more combat would also be welcome.
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Relic Hunter
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brought me the closest to how i remember feeling while playing the original games. might not be perfect, but i've grown difficult to please.

i rather have less humans in the future. more exploration and more variety regarding level design... i would also prefer to have the combat to be alternative gameplay. shoot if you please, but killing is avoidable if one rather so.

i pretty much loved the game. all the voice acting was pretty pretty good, (even though lara for me is still keeley), and the sound design and MUSIC was spot on. a massive improvement over rise and TR13. not to mention over TRLAU.
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