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Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
I like the idea of unifying but not another plane crash. She already survived one and trekked through a jungle in the last game.

When I think unification I'm thinking of Natla. I know TRA had their cute version of TR1 but Natla has so much more potential. I would love her to be sadistic, and she ends up killing Jonah horrifically. To the point where Lara becomes the cold hearted baddie we love and miss. And maybe she does it when they are just hanging out in their everyday life.

I also think Natla could be more similar to Eckhart from AOD. This could bring up the doppelganger theme and make it a bit more interesting.
They have to be saving Jonah for something because his inclusion in Rise and Shadow are just too pointless. Maybe it was always their plan to kill him off in the unification series.

I love your idea though. Sounds like the perfect ending of the reboot trilogy and a launchpad into something completely different. I just don't want Natla to be too evil where it's disturbing. And definitely no mellow-dramatics like we saw with rise especially. It wasn't good. (hate character's whining or pleading their case the way they did it with Jonah telling Lara he's done or Lara telling Ana she's onto something. They over use this dynamic sooooo much in the most lamest way).
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