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Gemma Darkmoon
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Default Original TR theme intended to feature in Shadow?

Hi guys. I have heard a credible leak which has been circulating so thought I would share this info on here. We know many have asked for the TR theme back well some of the tracks from Tomb Raider Suite were apparently at one stage supposed to be key tracks in Shadow. Let have a look at this info then.

~ The main theme of Shadow was to include the original TR motif and contained a section from what is now a track TRS called 'in the blood'.

~ The credits were to feature a second new reworking (There is a second reworking called precious moments featured in TRS)

~ A early section of the game where animals would attack in an arena from various entry points was to feature a reworked boss theme from the original game. (this sounds like the leopard den which also seems to fit)

~ All these inclusions were apparently scrapped after a disagreement between CD/EM and Nathan McCree over issues around money and rights agreements and the themes were never used.

The info appears pretty credible and this is just a desperate shame all round. What do you guys think? Do you it could be genuine and if so you what do think to the fact that it never came off? I am so disappointed in both parties for not managing to make this happen.
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If this is true, I'm saddened to hear it came down to a disagreement, when it would have been a massive deal to the fans.
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This is the stupidest thing I've heard all day.
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Tomb Raider
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No, and I'm glad it wasn't in Shadow. It doesn't belong there.
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I don't know what to think of this to be honest. I'm still very happy with how the soundtrack turned out to be. I just hope this won't cause newfound anger around here.
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I'd assume the disagreements might be more from the part of SE than CD/EM though.

It is one of the major compromises of the industry: the rights for any artistic work done during game development (be it music, concept art, whatever) generally belongs to whoever has the rights to the franchise (this case SE).

It can be easily assumed that it came from SE wanting to use the TRS tracks free of charge, probably because they let Nathan use the tracks for the TRS at no cost (I think this was confirmed by Nathan, but correct me if I'm wrong), while Nathan rightfully wanting compensation for what it was his work.

Now, the original motifs belong to SE, but this rumour says that they were using the TRS tracks themselves, which belong to Nathan, not the original motifs (like the LAU games used for example). But Nathan's work in the end uses compositions that, while created by him, do not belong to him. I can see how a copywrite nightmare this would probably be to use in the games, and it's sad an agreement could be made. Especially since they could still incorporate the motifs into the games, even if not the work done in TRS.

But at the same time, SotTR's soundtrack is one of the franchise's best, and huge leap compared to TReboot and RotTR's. Classic themes or not, it is a great soundtrack.
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If that is true, I would be very sad to hear that got cut, but I also wouldn’t be surprised with some other cut classic things in Shadow.

Like Maverin though, I’m not upset since Shadow’s soundtrack as it is, is phenomenal and one of the best ones in the past ten or fifteen years.
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Relic Hunter
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Oh gosh, it’s about to be WWIII in this thread lol
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well i only noticed one thing when playing shadow yesterday

music has become better. but thats all i can say for now.
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Originally Posted by mandylane View Post
music has become better. but thats all i can say for now.
Tell us more
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