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Originally Posted by Tms2 View Post
Does somebody know a list or something similar related to item file names? I am trying to make a mod that replaces the flare with a cigar. And I can't find where the light is. The weapon muzzle flashes are separate files so the flare flash has to be a separate one as well right?
The file you are looking for is tagged as "HAND_FLARE.TRM". It appears that the flare torch effect is fixed to coding as some other interacting objects like the smoke coming out of the guns.
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ObiHan Skywobi
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Small update on the shaders: index "Unknown18" is a self-glowing material. I noticed that the lions had proper glow-in-the-dark (actually, glow white permanently, lol) eyes now. Was able to confirm with Lara: index 18 doesn't receive any dynamic lighting ingame, the texture is just permanently on full brightness. I don't see a lot of application for this, except for maybe parts on her gear like laser pointers or displays. If used on eyes: creepy stuff, this.
No idea if there's a way to adjust how bright things glow. For now, my best guess is that the RGB value in the texture controls the brightness. Judging from her eye texture, colours are still considered, full black remains black.

Might be interesting to rename the shader from "Unknown" to "glow" or "emissive" or something (knowing that it doesn't actually emit any light, ofc).

In other news, my research has shown / confirmed that there is no absolute list or order of shaders (meaning a shader instance can be whatever, the index of a certain instance does not resolve to a specific, unique / hard-coded shader / material in the game). For the game models at least, shaders are individual to the TRM file and can have any random order. The index referring to the shader instance (for example "0" in "8001_0_Game") is a local value. In different TRMs, shader instance "1" could sometimes be gold, sometimes skin, etc... but it has proven a good practice to stick to the same order when copying and merging content between different models. For example, I made the metal buckle on her belt actually shiny, as well as the metal clips on her backpack and some other bits.
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i love how they make smaller the head and ears of the lions like in my old lions mod now i go to put this cool glowing eyes effect on all animals
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If I wasn't a man I would kiss those beautiful bastards! They added a complete Bare hands set to the files. Now Lara can do pretty much anything without her fingerless gloves. Already posted it to Nexus.

This is was one of the things I been working on, tried like 5 different methods with not much success and yet they decided to just include them in this current update! Boy I want to give this people at least a hug.
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