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Smile Good!

Originally Posted by Zolee View Post
If anyone needs Von Croy I could give it a try
By the way, you have a great voice!
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Anyone able to do an injured/dying man voice with a little bit of an Irish accent? I need it for a small cutscene of about 8 lines.

Irish accent isn't 100% necessary.
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Default Voice{s} in need?

Hello everyone~
My dear friend, Dj_Full, informed me that I may request my voice to be a part of projects that are in need of any voices, and I would love to assist with this, if possible. /♥\

For Lara's voice, the best I can provide for her is from Legend through Underworld.
I can try also from Dagger of Xian (2) / Adventures of Lara Croft (3) for Lara, but for others can vary from a small child, medium tone, and soft spoken.

Hope everyone is doing well and living a life of ease~ (˘ ˘)❤

{ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...WOkHA7aTjjGieb }
-In case of samples, this playlist link provides the reels I've done for my favorite characters within each videogames I usually play~ :3
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omg your voice is so sweet it love it
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Love your voice! I will send you a PM. Thanks for offering your talent!
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Welcome to this forum, FatedBlossom!

I have added you to the list in the OP!
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Any male Spanish or American accents please?
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I'm a bit apprehensive asking this, but can I request voices for a non-TRLE project here?
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Hi guys, I need a woman voice for few sentences (boss battle) in my level ( Search for the Golden elephant part3 Level: Fire and water)

Here's what I need:

A woman (voice actress) with a russian accent but not too strong. Don't need to be a perfect russian accent, can be a mimic.
I would prefer a deep voice, quite a grave voice.

Contact me by PM, mail, or even facebook ( Antho fqt) if you're interested in.


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Good Morning. Is there anyone here who can speak Lara in German? My project is supposed to be in German and English (for English I have to look for someone because Greenkey2 doesn't answer). I personally do not waive in German, the players should have the choice (otherwise there is no synchronization). But maybe there is someone here who can speak German.
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