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Is it safe to say that the game is officially dead now?
Ever since Fox left I don't think I've seen any dev post in the Discord which in a way makes it a fan server now?

Bugs are piling up in the game one after another. Especially with leagues not working and constant game server errors that force you to reload your game. People keep sending screenshots and reporting bugs but no one is replying.
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I also have the error server about the leagues ! However if it means I'm really N1 thanks to this bug then I'm not angry about it.
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Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
Is it safe to say that the game is officially dead now?
I would say so. There doesn't appear to be any commitment or communication from the developers anymore. They also never honoured their word about giving compensation to the users who grinded for golden pistols before they got nerfed. Following is a quote from their statement:

"We value our players, especially those who own Epic and Legendary versions of the Gold guns. Rest assured, we are actively discussing compensation options for you. Expect further information on this via in-game mail."

Posted on 21/08/23

Kinda disgraceful.
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Originally Posted by Kleva Sole View Post
I hope the developers do something about the cheating in this cycles banner brawl. There are several players in trailblazer scoring over 100k in a single run. If a skillful run in 1000 to 1500 zone points with a minimum of 16-18 levels, how many levels does it take to score 100k. Not to mention the same players are having normal runs the rest of the time. Noticed it yesterday when the player_3077 was in third place with about 37k and I had passed them and was in second with about 48k. Did one run and looked at the leader board and they were suddenly over 130k. Did a few normal runs to get to 131k after that. Woke up the next day and the second and first players had 312k and 276k overnight each. The second place player, neontrail came in first place last time with 100k but just always seemed to score just enough to stay in first place as to not arouse suspicion. Now it's obvious that cheating is being done because player_3077 went overboard and neontrail had to try to keep up. I have 90k at the moment in third place. Came in third last time but now it's obvious the cheaters are trying to ruin the game early for the rest of the players. KICK THEM OUT!!!
if you beat wave 30 you can farm unlimited points by leaving one enemy alive.
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