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Originally Posted by Nigel Cassidy View Post
Yeah that's right... Maybe Amanda just said it because she didn't want to be blown up... Anyway, she was predetermined to say that, otherwise Lara would have died as a child.
Damn time manipulation is a weird thing, isn't it?

I hope someone could contact the writters , so that we have a better picture of the story.
It should have happened in Legend's 10th anniversary imo...
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Amanda was telling Lara to pull out the sword, that fact was given explicitly ("I told you to pull out the sword."), I'm honestly not sure Amanda even saw Amelia on the other end, Lara had to stand right in front of the portal to kinda sorta see and hear.

Maybe once you activate the portal, you either pull out the sword or someone on the other end pulls out the sword, but either way the "non-pulling" half explodes, so Amanda knew that if Lara doesn't pull out the sword, sooner or later someone on the other side probably will. And because she saw Lara talking with someone on the other end, the risk of that someone pulling out the sword was imminent, so Amanda urged Lara to pull it out.

Or maybe even... Amanda, being Lara's friend, heard about Lara's childhood experience, put two and two together and knew that Amelia would pull out the sword, making the other side explode (assuming at some point Amanda learnt that the other side explodes when you pull the sword out), so she basically wanted Lara to change the past, preventing the portal from exploding, because that was Amanda's only known way to Avalon.

It's still a stange travelling mechanism if using it makes another part explode?
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Originally Posted by Grimaldi View Post
Itís safe to assume then that if both swords connected to the portal are removed then the mechanism wonít explode
I'm not sure. Amanda already said "it only works once!" in the previous cutscene, right before the final boss. So it's already same to assume that something goes broken after using it.
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Just a thought but I wonder if they blew up because they were just old.
The dias's hadn't been used for thousands of years before Amelia found them. Maybe thats why Amanda was "It only works once" because as an archaeloigist she knew that they were only going to get one charge out of it.
Just think. You wouldn't be needing those unsightly weapons anymore. :)
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