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You can simply jump out of that secret, on one side the ceiling is a bit higher.
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Originally Posted by Woops View Post
It does not. it's TR1 exclusive glitch.
As for the damage at the end of the jade secret in the Deck, it's avoidable

Walk to the corner
sidestep left until she stops turning
run off the ledge. this is important, If you roll off, she'll take damage.
Dammit, I remember trying this FOREVER when I did a no scratch run years ago and I just gave up eventually. I can't believe it was that simple lmao
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Just returned to this The Deck Jade Dragon Secret and tried every type of jump and jump position to get out of it with no damage. Couldn't find any jump solution.

The method ^ above is the only one that works for me and even then the positioning angle at the left side needs to be very precise. I found I needed a very slight readjustment anti-clockwise ie. towards the wall on the left so that when LC runs off the edge she doesn't pick up any damage.

The only place I've had more 'no scratch' success this time through is the Gold Dragon in the Living Quarters. Checking my earlier post here I said you take damage both getting too and from the shard lined pit. There's no solution to getting out undamaged but you can standing jump in from a position on the far side ie. facing towards the Gold Dragon end, diagonally across the pit and land undamaged.

I think you need to hold forwards whilst jumping to keep it slightly shallower to avoid hitting the overhang. There maybe a bit of right curve required too.

No doubt this is a known solution but I didn't know about it back then or since then so I was quite pleased to have worked it out myself.

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Sorry to resurrect this topic but I've been slowly replaying TR2 no scratch over the past couple of days and got to that point in my first post about how to enter Bartoli's hideout without getting damage from the platform drop.

I had difficulty remembering the technique so referred back to YT video to remind myself. Well I messed it up (the timing of the roll) more than couple of times but literally just now I've done it but, I'm pretty sure, this time without the roll yet received no damage.

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