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Default New single in French coming out on August 19, 2022 along with a performance film.


As many of you know, I make music and I'm releasing a new song in French on August 19, 2022 entitled "Mes silences" which translates to "My silences". It's a song about harassment and abuse and it's a basically a flip on being a victim of abuse. A lot of predators accuse their victims to be silent until it's no longer "convenient" for them, so I thought I'd flip it on them, and make the silence of their victims a scary place for them. You might be reminded of the Jaws soundtrack as you hit the chorus

The song will be released along with a performance film and an EP. It's honestly my finest work to date, and I'm so excited to show people what I came up with.
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Thank you for sharing your work amiro1989.
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I love the bass in this. So bendy.
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