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I just realised something, the rumor was Rebecca and Sheva were going to be the stars of Rev 3 and now they randomly show up here, with all the other characters that are from recent games. Slim hope but maybe Rev 3 isn't totally dead, just on hold?
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Originally Posted by robm_2007 View Post
Wesker sounds like the Saturday morning cartoon version of Wesker. But he's at least recognizable. Ada sounds like a GPS. I like Rebecca's tone/pitch. Basically they all sound like they are reading directly from a script. Thankfully this is just a DLC for a non-RE game. Nice to see a Sheva inclusion.
I wouldn't be surprised if some of these voice lines get touched up before launch. Some of them don't sound finished. Especially because Jill gets a lot of variations of the same line.
Just think. You wouldn't be needing those unsightly weapons anymore. :)
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