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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

It sucks that there never was a third film with Drew, Cameron and Lucy. They all seemed to have such great chemistry together, and the star power was strong.
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Day Shift (Netflix)

Saw the trailer a while ago and it looked funny.
Accidentally i found out it had released on Netflix, with little to no hype built up by them.

It was a lot of fun to be honest.
A interesting setting for a Vampire movie, good action and solid performance.
You really could make a few sequels and expanded world with this, they did a good job at world building and the action was really incredible.

Well that is to be expected when you have Scott Adkins in it.
Which reminds me, i really need to look at what that man has done in recent times...that he isnt featured more prominent is beyond me.
Such a good action movie actor.

Anyway, great movie that i can definitly recommend.
Its one of those nice, lazy saturday action movies.
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Originally Posted by perryloo View Post
A MONTH AGO....Well I have the whole collection DVD set of LOST, its been sitting gathering dust on my shelf for years, and I decided to start at the beginning this week, might take me months to get through it Wish me luck getting through it all. It took seven years the first time to get through it when it was first aired on TV. Just a pity i know the end
Well it took me a month to get through the 38 DVD's of LOST. It was 90 hours in fact. I really enjoyed the acting, really gripping stuff. No wonder it was acclaimed as one of the best drama series ever, though some found it hard to figure out the ending.

I managed to figure it out, but had to refer to the timeline explained on websites, to work out fowardshifts, backward shifts and especially the sideway timelines. There are many website showing the Island map and all its Darma buildings, which helped a lot. Plus explanation of the ending.

The one thing I did find rather unbelievable was the way many of the main characters got badly hurt in fights, yet were capable of getting up and moving again. In real life you would be months in bed recovering

Still, I enjoyed the suspense, the mystery, the comradely throughout the arc of the story
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