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Default Is Nvidia RTX currently worth it?

I am upgrading from an HD7970 from 2011, but I just cannot justify getting any RTX cards at the moment because of performance hit and people posting about a lot of RTX cards being DOA or buggy.

What's everyone's opinion on Nvidia's new Ray Tracing technology?

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For the actual technology? lol, hell no, not in a while. But for the overall improvement over the GTX 10x0 series compared to what those used to cost? Sure.
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I want to upgrade my PC, but literally I do not know whether to go AMD/Nvidia at this time.

I have been using a HD7970 for 8 years without hiccups, but the Nvidia cards I used pre-2010 were trash. And the Nvidia laptops i've owned are not that great.

I just don't know.
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What processor are you using? I believe AMD offers better value at certain performance levels, especially lower-end, but if you want the best of the best Nvidia's unchallenged at the moment, and for some time yet. Eitehr way, you won't want a card stronger than your processor can keep up with; at that point you may as well buy a whole new computer.

AMD had superior graphics cards for only a short while time-wise, Nvidia has had the more powerful cards for most of the past 20 years (though this involves some illegal tactics)

Presumably your bad experience was during that time frame, but it's not like you could expects mobile cards to be exceptional either way. AMD had technical issues too in certain series.

I don't think the newest lineup is great value-wise compared to the previous GTX iteration, and I doubt ray-tracing will be a major gaming feature for a while yet.

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