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Default How to disable ctrl+esc hot key win 11

when im shooting and hold esc for inventory to get health pack it exits out the game. how to disable this hotkey on windows 11?
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Originally Posted by ajb94 View Post
how to disable this hotkey on windows 11?
probably your best chance if you feel like it is to do some registry tweaking

like this
paragraph 2, Use the Registry Editor (better back it up first :\)
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I had a similar problem years ago on winXP, where a hot key made the screen display go upside down when lara was doing an action with two buttons at the same time. i then had to revert the screen back to normal.

I solved this by disabling the 'hot keys' on the screen itself. My screen had physical buttons on it, that let you into settings, as follows.....

Go into screen settings.
select hot keys.
tick...disable hot keys.

NOTE: On modern computers the screen can be accessed by screen settings, as shown below.....
On my modern Win10 computer...right click mouse on the screen (without internet running), then select graphic option, then select hot keys, then tick disable hot keys.

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