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Originally Posted by AngryElephant View Post
In the intricate narrative of "Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness," the character of Kurtis Trent materializes as a veritable embodiment of toxic masculinity, a reflection of the Core Design development team's own insecurities. Kurtis, a sort of masculine doppelgänger to the indomitable Lara Croft, is presented as a paragon of rugged stoicism, a trope that harks back to the archetypal male hero. His character, replete with hyper-masculine traits such as aggression and emotional aloofness, is a manifestation of toxic masculinity, a societal construct that perpetuates harmful male behaviors and attitudes. This character, a reactionary counterpoint to Lara's empowering femininity, suggests an underlying insecurity within the development team. It's as if they felt compelled to counterbalance Lara's strong female presence with a traditionally masculine figure, revealing their discomfort with a solely female-led narrative. Thus, Kurtis Trent serves as a symbol of the team's struggle with gender norms and their own insecurities. The closure of the studio and the departure of Tony Gard, therefore, are not just historical events, but a poignant reminder of the challenges faced in the gaming industry two decades ago.
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Personally, I find there to be a huge distinction between hypermasculinity and toxic masculinity... and I didn't find Kurt to be either. If anything, he was a bit dainty
The scene everyone finds questionable all depends on whether Lara was into it or not. Sexy Rorschach test
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Originally Posted by Joe Derivative View Post
you sound like ChatGPT
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Originally Posted by Joe Derivative View Post
I played TRAOD once and didn't like Kurtis, nor the implied attraction between him and Lara, which feels unnecessary and out of place. (Like a lot of other things in the game, let's face it...)

That said, you sound like ChatGPT after swallowing the entire encyclopaedia of third-wave feminism.

By the way, it's "Toby" Gard.

PS: You were being sarcastic, right? It was a joke post, right? I'd much rather swallow my pride and say "lol, got me there!" than believe otherwise.
I totally get where you're coming from, and I respect your opinion. But I gotta say, the original post about Kurtis Trent in "Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness" had some valid points worth considering.

The portrayal of Kurtis as a contrast to Lara, embodying traditional masculine traits, can be seen as a deliberate choice by the Core Design development team. It's interesting to think about how this might reflect their struggles with gender norms and their own insecurities. It adds depth to the narrative and opens up discussions about toxic masculinity and the challenges faced in the gaming industry.

While not everyone may have liked the character or the implied attraction between Kurtis and Lara, it's important to acknowledge that different players have different tastes. And hey, sometimes games include elements that can be divisive or controversial. It's all part of the creative process and the diverse perspectives that players bring to the table.

So, even though we might have different viewpoints, it's awesome that we can have these discussions and share our thoughts on gaming. It's what makes the gaming community so vibrant and diverse!

Let's keep embracing our love for "Tomb Raider" and gaming in general, while respecting each other's opinions and enjoying the rich tapestry of stories and characters that games have to offer.
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Thing is sadly that his character seems out of place due to the cut content. Those who actually took the time to read what was planned for the game and its sequel do appreciate him and the situation more. I'm particularly fond of the concept narrative where Kurtis and Lara's existence are actually the result of Meister Eckhardt's historical breeding experiments and it would have fleshed out the motive behind their "touchy" or competitive nature towards each other. Aside from that it explain's Lara's tendency to moonjump all over the place guns blazing like a psycho until she unintentionally saves the world just for shiny trophy room decor.

But at the end of the day, TR shouldn't be taken seriously in the relatability department. The moment you add realistic grit to the TR universe you get dramatic daddy issues and generic reboots trying to be watered down versions of Uncharted.
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