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These games aren't meant to be compared.

Shadow never wanted to be a Legend clone.

"Game A is bad because game B is better" is never a good argument.
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Legend is far from being superior to Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The game didn;t age well at all because it barely has any content. It was a solid game for its time and it was a decent first attempt by Crystal Dynamics. The story is actually pretty good, but it does not compare with the quality of the reboot games. None of the LAU games do.
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Unfortunately I do agree that Legend and even Anniversary & Underworld are far superior to Shadow of the Tomb Raider for many reasons, sometimes less is more and while LAU games may not offer as much content at first glance compared to the reboot games what they do offer is replayable, memorable, enjoyable and most importantly: knew what it wanted to be.
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I'll tell you what though, I bought Shadow 3 times from different friends playstations to play wherever I go. And I'm still playing it today on and off. There were really good parts, they just got overshadowed by the slow stuff. When you're in the temple taking out those thrall like things, it was very fun. I hope the survivor trilogy gets a remake with huge shakeups. But first LAU.
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