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Dennis's Mom
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Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
^I wish intermissions would come back.
Me too. I don't mind longer movies, but I hate having to go in with a strategy of denying myself refreshment so I don't spend climax in extreme discomfort or the bathroom.

Considering concessions are the big money maker, why not bring intermission back?
The marketplace of ideas is always going to have a clearance aisle.
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^Yes, I hate not being able to sip a beverage at the theater
Originally Posted by ostercy View Post
Lol totally!
The real Alferd was by all accounts a real grifty sonuvabitch who was hated by everyone who met him and probably did murder his whole party unprovoked. Which makes it all the more awesome how Trey portrayed him as such an innocent, nice guy in the movie
Well if that ain't aren't the isn't
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Picnic at hanging rock, on UK TV the other night. An old quite famous Australian film about boarding school girls dissapearing during a picnic in a remote area of Australia.

Slooooow slow story, boring, paint would dry quicker, still never figured it out. Not sure why it was famous LOL.

Would advise giving it a miss.
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