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Raymond, this did work very well for my puzzle set up, thank you again, but there was one thing - re the FGT_SINGLE_SHOT, I found that, although it worked properly when trying to select the item from the inventory manually a second time (i.e. she says no and nothing happens), if I pressed ctrl to select it automatically, it started the animation again. (I'm assuming FGT_SINGLE_SHOT means it should only happen once?)

I got round the problem by removing the item with flip effect:
<#> : Inventory-Item. Remove <&>inventory-item from inventory and I'm happy with that but thought I would flag this up just in case you want to check it yourself.
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Yes, you are right. Forgot about this possibility. In 1. the Animation-command is executed again. So we have to prevent this. To use this flipeffect to remove the inventory item is one way to solve it. If you intend to use the inventory object again, then it would be better to add a flipeffect to TG 1, to set another bit in a variable (I used bit 2 in Global byte Alpha1.) and then add another condition to the MultENVCond via condition group 11, that this bit in the choosen variable is clear.
I changed it in my script.

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Lua or Ruby scripting
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Originally Posted by Richard_trle View Post
Lua or Ruby scripting
Not a suggestion thread. TRNG does not have this feature.
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I'm quite sure i've see this somewhere, but the Swinging Flame object from the Reunion level off TR3 is possible, i'm not sure how it can be done but I know there would be an addeffect involved to place an ADD_FLAME.

I've noticed there is a small mesh inside the object, i'm assuming thats what the flame effect would have to be added on.

I kind of need a guide how this could be made possible.
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This thread is more of a tutorial thread by now, so it is best to ask your question in a new thread or the general TRNG thread.

And yes, my guess would also be an Addeffect.
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