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Cool Who was the biggest Flop of 2020?

Whew Lord, 2020 just sprung one of the most unprecedented moves in the industry to date. Cyberpunk has been removed from Sony digital market and is in the process of processing full refunds.

CD lost $69 million on Marvel Avengers and lost up to 98% of it's player base within the first month alone.

Jesus, these massive AAA games flopping so bad, I can't fathom who is the biggest Flop of the year?

Your thoughts?
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Cyberpunk takes the crown for me. Overhyped af (like No Man's Sky back then), it deserves what's happening rn.

Avengers is still a lot of fun for me and I can't wait for the next DLC.
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Damn, you know they done ****ed up when PSN are offering digital refunds. That's not usually possible with games you've already downloaded.

The only new release game I've bought this year is Resident Evil 3 remake and that game was kind of a fail too. I mean it wasn't a total fail on the level of Cyberpunk and Avengers, critics ate it up and it did sell quite well, but the Resident Evil fanbase widely agreed it was a pretty mediocre remake at best. Even having never played the original I can still see what they mean, the game left me wanting more and wasn't anywhere near as good as the RE2 remake.

I do still want to play Ghost of Tsushima, which I swore I'd get new but that never happened
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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
I do still want to play Ghost of Tsushima, which I swore I'd get new but that never happened
Somehow got it on discount for $20 and loved it Would recommend, the combat is extremely fun.

OT: While games like Avengers and R3make were considered disappointments, I don't think anything holds a candle to Cyberpunk. Being in development for nearly a decade, designed to optimally run on PS4/XBO rather smoothly and introduce brand new innovation for futuristic open-world gaming, it pretty much failed on all fronts. Between the Keanu hype, the success of the Witcher 3, the hype to demolish TLOU2 and the aforementioned design feats they touted, this was pretty bad. Sony removing the game from its store today solidifies it all.

Sales-wise, I'm sure the game isn't a flop. However, I think this surpasses No Man's Sky levels of promise vs product.
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1) Cyberpunk
2) Avengers , very close second.

1) Avengers
1000) Cyberpunk

Objectively CP doesn't even come close to being worth the insane hype (it's just a competent open world Deus Ex) but still made money , you can play it on next-gen platforms and have a good experience

Avengers was supposed to a be money printer for Square Enix but clearly failed at that, also all the reported bugs , crashes and glitches are the same across all platforms, you can lose progress and purchasable items because of a save gone wrong, you still can't replay the campaign unless you flush your save, paperthin content ...
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Cyberpunk is gonna have fixes and patches. Maybe it's still underwhelming and bad. Avengers is gonna receive more content (right?), so this question can be answered in a year imo.
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For now I'll say

Resident Evil 3

I know there is a lot of drama surrounding Cyberpunk right now, and rightly so, but there has been no official statement yet on whether it has made a profit or loss. I doubt it will make such a severe loss as Avengers though. I've never heard of that happening before and that truly has to be the prime contender for flop of the year.
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I've only played two newly released games this year - Resident Evil 3 Remake and Crash Bandicoot 4. Out of the two games I played, RE3R is easily the more disappointing game and probably the most disappointing game I've played in the last few years. And this is coming from someone who loved the RE2 Remake. OG RE3 is one of my favorite games in the series, but they dropped the ball with this game in so many ways. It's a fun game and all, but I'm not happy with how they handled remaking one of my favorite games.
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