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Syberia I
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Quake 64

While overall an enjoyable experience there were some moments that just took me out of it. Some enemies, like the Vore or Spawn, are just unfair as there's no way to avoid damage. Most of my deaths were from these two enemy types.

Also, telefragging the final boss when a spore enters it? How was I ever supposed to know to do that without a walkthrough?

As an aesthetic experience it's wonderful. While the 64 version lack's Trent Reznor's soundtrack, the one that's here is spooky, though forgettable. I feel like the main problems I had though would extend to the PC version as well, so I'm not going to gripe too much about the port. Once I rebound the controls the game felt fine to play. In fact it controls much better than most shooters on the system.
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Rise of the Tomb Raider PC

Having finished this game on X360 before, I won't do a proper review of this game, but I'll talk about some comparisons between the two versions (not graphics).
There are so many bugs and issues in the PC version that I never had in the X360 version! Pressing F to force a climbing arrow into the wall, she is supposed to climb up onto it too, but for some reason, she doesn't ever do that for me where on the 360 version, she would. The Baba Yaga DLC has this terrible freaking glitch where riding the lift up to the arena area, Lara just ends up falling through the lift close to the top and she dies.
All-in-all, it's an okay-ish port, but it needs a couple of patches to fix aforementioned issues as they aren't just minor things. Using the climbing arrows takes me forever as I have to shoot them all since using F just results in her death if I'm too high up.
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Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness

Well, the Controls is still a pain in the Butt, even with the big Community Patch, that's for sure. But it runs clearly better with the big Community Patch, no Question about it. That does not mean, that I'm now a Fan of this Game, because it was taken too much wrong. But I can see the Potential for a great Game and without all the little and big Mistakes, who knows...
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DLC, rather than a game:

Fallout 4: Automatron

I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Very actioney, but I like the new inclusion of a robot companion (and the ability to combine them). Bit too action-ey. Fortunately, Fallout's action is done very well, and the new variety of enemies helps all the killing be entertaining. Next I'll do Far Harbor.

Random: I swear I thought this game released in November 2014. Feels like I've had it forever.
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Witcher 3

One of the best games of all time! I enjoyed exploring the various places and completing all the quests. Gwent is also a lot of fun, couldn't stop playing it at one point.

I'll definitely be starting the DLC.

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I just finished Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage for the first time. I remember playing a demo version of it at a store, probably Toys R Us, back in the late 90's. The Badlands level! It was really nice to see it again after so many years. Definitely not as hard as it was before when I was a child.
I'm really surprised how short this game was! I feel like the first and third are definitely longer. Story was pretty meh but that's the case with Spyro games. The music was great and I loved the platforming.
If I had to rank the first 3 games, I'd go 3>1>2.
I'm also surprised at how many monsters and things were actually from this game that carried over to the 3rd one. The lizards, the yeti, etc.
Overall I liked it. Not my favorite.
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Fallout 3. Kind of. I beat the main story at least.
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Well now that was underwhelmingly short and a little too simple. And playing as Vergil felt more like holding my fingers crossed in the middle of absolute chaos, rather than practicing any actual skill.

I knew the game would pull Butterfly Effect sooner or later, though I did not expect it to take it quite as far, or as early as this. I'm likely finishing the season tonight.
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