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Completed suikoden 3. got all 108 characters including the dogs and played the secret chapter as well. Average game. wasn't that good, and quite a disappoint as a followup to the legendary suikoden 2.
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Vampyr on PS4 and Blair Witch on PC. I'm not going to go I to the ins and outs of them but I'd give them both mediocre scores.
... in my opinion.
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Remothered Brocken Porcelain.

More like, broken Pacing
Clunkyness and bugs aside, it's exausting.

The first few hours are the hardest, by far.

It's structured into many small chapters with one major objective to complete and many sub-objectives to get there, so once you do that the game autosaves and the chapter ends or there's a boss fight that feels like a final boss, so when you beat it and the game doesn't end you're like "What? There's more?!?", but not always in a good way. Many of these chapters feel on rails and the playable character will always tell you what to do at all times, in and out of bossfights.

There's almost no point in collecting distraction items, or resorting to defensive options in general. Stealth is very unfair to the point that , combined with the slow movement, only one way to go anywhere (it's a Motel where most rooms have only 1 door to the tight hallway) and not being able to counter or block doors efficiently, it's faster to just let the stalker kill you and go back to the very, VERY generous checkpoint than to try to go back to stealth and go from there.
It's like they took everything not perfect about Alien Isolation and made it terrible here.

It's obvious that who made this game noticed something was off, but the game was already done so, instead of going back to the drawing board, they added enough lifebuoys to make it easier for the players to complete the objectives. That's not how you do it. These type of games should be made with fairness , balance and functionality in mind.
*Depth* doesn't determine a character's value. How well they fit does.
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Yeah they kind of botched it, the biggest fault was adding mandatory combat in my opinion. Showing me that I can take these people down and faily easily at that kind of dulls the fear Tormented Fathers had. Then you add in the design issues and bugs that make the combat tedious and it all starts to fall apart pretty quickly. It was even worse at launch! It's a real shame because I absolutely loved the story, it was a perfect sequel in that regard, but it's buried in a game that feels years behind it's predecessor. They had the formula down with Tormented Fathers, I don't know why they decided to alter it as much as they tried to. I also don't know why they released the game a week ahead of it's announced release date when it was clearly not ready for it, but blame for that can probably be placed on the publisher rather than the developer. If they make the intended third and final game of the trilogy I hope they take all the feedback from this game to heart.
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Loved it. The story was so good.
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Final Fantasy XIV, as a lvl 80 Astrologian. Does that count?

Healing is amazing. Perhaps, the most fun and stressful a role can be in this game. Seeing the tank's numbers deplete, the DPS fall because of horrible positioning mistakes, and your healer cast his arse off to both, heal everyone and attack your enemies, is...fun (?) You get to see EVERY freaking mistake and how every team member affects your next move, leading you to quickly change tactics again, and again, and again.

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I finished Black Mesa last night, so i'm either gonna play The Witcher or Unreal Gold next.
Kept ya waiting, huh?
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Originally Posted by Bridge View Post
I finished Black Mesa last night, so i'm either gonna play The Witcher or Unreal Gold next.
I finished the Witcher 1 years ago. I'll definitely play Witcher 2 while waiting for a sale on Witcher 3 on the Switch.
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Originally Posted by flurres View Post
I prefer to play WoW especially dungeon raids. Not long ago I managed to join a professional team via Overgear https://overgear.com/games/wow/dungeons and that boosted my gaming experience greatly.
WoW is gaming classics. For a change try Dark Souls. Awesome game, one of the best I have ever played

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I think that the last game that ive finished is Battlefield 1 maybe? I dont Count which games ive played through so i really cant give a definite answer but BF1 should be Right. As for why I played it, ist just an amazing World War 1 Shooter that is gorgeous and so historically amazing. The Moment you are in the Tank in the very first Episode and see the soldiers retreating and some just Walking slowly whilst Looking at the Ground is such an eery Feeling.
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