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I recently installed Windows XP and since I've been having trouble with TR3. I'm not getting sound in the game play. The sound for the video sequences is fine, but when I try to play there is nothing. When I emailed Eidos support I basically got a go screw message saying that there is nothing they will or can do about XP compatibility. I tried it in one of my other CPUs running Windows ME and it still didn't work (even though I was running ME when I first bought it and it worked fine). So I went even further and tried it on another CPU running Windows 98, but still nothing. I thought it was the Sidewinder Pro game pad that I installed, but I didn't use it on the third CPU (with win98). Any ideas?
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hi. try reinstalling the sound card drivers. we've found that the default driver installation effects some versions of Tomb Raider, and in our experience reinstalling the sound card drivers has resolved the problem. see your card manufacturers web site for latest drivers, or post your card details here and I'll search for you.

welcome to the forum, and Christmas greetings.
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