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Default The Mutant Egg Setup Tutorial

First, find the animating 1 which is found in the wad supplied at the end of the tutorial.

Place it on a floor square of your choice next to a wall except do not try to place it on a wall square.

Once placed, rotate it until it fits the wall correctly as shown on the image above.

Next, find animating 2 which also came with the wad.

Place animating 2 on the same square as animating 1 then rotate it until it fits on the animating 1 correctly as shown in the image underneath.

Now find a mutant of your choice which can also be found in the wad, i choose the scorpion.

Place the mutant on the same square as animating 1 and animating 2 and rotate it so its head is facing the front of the yellow egg.

Finally trigger all three objects on the same square(s) near the egg and lara will get a surprise.

Here is the wad and i hoped this tutorial helped:

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Originally Posted by thecentaur View Post
it would be nice if you included in-editor screens, as this might be confusing to people who don't have the objects that are needed in this setup.
Or at least a credit to the original authors. It looks suspiciously like this object here:


Daoine Sidhe deserves credit for the original mutant, and I got the incubator to work with TRLE.
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