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Mona Sax
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Exclamation The Crystal Ball: Submit your questions!

The Crystal Ball - Exclusive Tomb Raider Underworld Developer Questionary

What's it about?

Eidos and Crystal Dynamics will answer your questions about Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Cool! How do I participate?

Simply post your questions in this thread. The rules are as follows:
  • Not more than 3 questions per member.
  • Deadline: February 15th, 2008, noon GMT. If you post a question or edit a post after that deadline, we won't be able to accept it.

We'll then pick the most interesting ones and send them to the folks at Crystal Dynamics.

How can I increase my chances of my questions getting answered?
  • Ask stuff that a lot of people could be interested in. I.e. no questions about Lara's hairstyle, the color of her boots etc.
  • Choose questions that haven't been asked yet.
  • Don't ask questions that have already been answered in magazines or that are quite obvious.
  • Show some respect. We will not forward insulting questions or comments.

Be advised that it will be impossible for CD to answer all questions. Also, the game's still far from completion, so it's probable that the guys at CD may not want to or simply cannot talk about certain things. Don't take it personally.

This thread is for questions only. Feel free to quote other people if your questions are connected to theirs. Otherwise, please keep this thread as short and tidy as possible.

Last but not least, a big thanks to Keir, Eidos and Crystal Dynamics for making this possible and giving us this huge chance. Let's use it, guys!
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Will underworld wrap up the legend story or will it drag out to a 3rd game???

Will lara be a badass again???

Can we get zip and alister, amanda, or lara's mum killed????
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Will be Natla, Larson or pierre in Tomb Raider Underworld?

Which are the system specs?

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Thanks guys!

Question 1: Are the screenshots we've seen so far from the opening level of TRU?

Question 2: How significantly do you think the dual aiming affects the combat?

Question 3: How do you think the lessons you have learned from Legend and Anniversary have affected the development of Underworld?
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1. Do you intend to add realistic violence or blood in the game not seen in the series since Tomb Raider Legend?

2. Have the gameplay mechanics, e.g. Lara's breath meter, changed after the creation of the new engine?

3. Will there be a level editor?
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What are the "ballpark" specs for the PC next gen graphics?

Are interactive cutscenes coming back?

Will the music be more orchestral or contemporary?

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1) Can you tell us about Lara's hairstyle?

2) Can you tell us the color of her boots?

3) etc.

(c'mon Mona, someone had to do it! )
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1. Does the story have connection with TRA?
2. How many "Underworld" will be in the game ?
3. Zip and alistair ... Optional ?
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1.: Classic outfit will be unlocable?
2.: Non linear levels?
3.: Multiplayer mode?
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Will the game feature any railroads, and if it does, will they have a realistic style, or the stylized, unrealistic style seen in Legend?

Are vehicle levels planned, and if they are, will they be in the mini-game fashion of Legend, or in a drive-and-stop way, similar to the old games or Half-Life 2 Episode 2?

Will the game again focus on ledges, bars and similar items and jumping between them, or will it be more like the old games, which had little of these and focused more on jumps between platforms?
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