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Default "I did something wrong with my PC and now TRLE tools won't work!" - answered here.

If you recently uninstalled a load of programs (like me) and then you suddenly get this error message trying to start WADMerger:

Or when you try to open SFX Editor, Texture Editor or TR2WAD:

You may think "AH OH MY GOD I'VE BROKEN IT!"


You can undo this change. Redownload the VB runtimes. This doesn't hurt, but if it doesn't work, the next step may help you loads:

You need to perform a system rollback. By default your computer saves all vital info every so often (programs, runtimes etc). So close everything down. All applications before doing this. And make a backup of any major programs you want to keep. They will NOT be spared.

Right-click on "My Computer" and choose Properties. Choose the 'System Restore' tab and click the button to choose a roll-back date. Choose the date that when last you checked your tools worked, then proceed.
It'll say that it needs to shut down. Don't do anything. After the Logging off window appeares, the System Restore window will appear. It will take a while depending on how much was backed up (took me 30 mins). After this your computer will reboot. It'll be on the slow side for a while.

You'll want to do a disk check, so open Command Prompt (Start - Run - cmd.exe) and type 'chkdsk /f' in there. Restart your computer, and allow it to check your disk.

Once that is done, check your tools work. They should now. Problem solved.
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