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Melonie Tomb Raider
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Default Your Mood

Pretty straightforward and to the point. Post the mood you're in and why. I'll start off.

I'm happy because I had such a wonderful weekend with my boyfriend. <3
I can do all things through Croft who strengthens me
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Zelda master
Tomb Raider
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Im bored... reason im at school...
Next year this time when I'm playing it (Bayonetta3) on Xbone-Mr GaGa–eventually
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Relic Hunter
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I'm not the happiest camper...
school seems just so confusing
right now... I can't seem
to prioritize my time...
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Tomb Raider
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My mood always change. Depending on the situation, I'm just okay though atm.
(: Make Up For Ever :)
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Tomb Raider
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Upset...reason, upset stomach.
Bells, frogs, big cherries, jingle bells, magic cheese. SEPHIROTH
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Soma Holiday
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I am Amazing!! Pendulum released a new song that I LOVE, I have 4 weeks of school left, and I more than likely will be going to see Thrice before then!! I got to see brian regan last week and I am just enjoying life. Not to mention I've started writing again!

Plus I have finally gotten over the bump in my life that's been tormenting me for 2 years!!

Quite simply, I am amazing!
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Lara Coft Baby
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I am angry for a lot of reasons. One reason you guys wouldnt understand. And I am angry with my boyfriend at the moment. Cause hes acting like a jerk
I'm not sarcastic my humor just has an attitude
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Relic Hunter
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Angry, depressed.
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depressed beyond belief...
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Lafa Cvoft
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mood: wanna bloody
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