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Default No sound? Sounds missing? Wrong pitch? Come here for solutions to your problems!

TRLE is notorious for throwing a huge tantrum whenever the tiniest thing goes wrong. One of the most common and infuriating quirks is when the engine detects a problem with one .wav file and decides to remedy the problem by ignoring the dodgy sound clip...along with most of the others.

So here's three reasons why your sounds could be missing, with ways to solve the problem and have all of your sound clips restored.

1) You've added a .wav that's in the wrong format.

TRLE is very specific about its wav files in the samples folder: they must be PCM wavs with a bit rate of 352 kbps, at 22050 Hz 16 bit mono. If you've imported sounds from TR1 and 2 you're likely to run into this problem, as they're only at 176 kbps.

This is easy to fix. Download Tomb Raider Level Manager, which has a built in sound convertor. As long as the sound is an MP3 or PCM wav, it should convert just fine. If there are errors, download Audacity for free and use that to convert the sounds to PCM wavs, then try converting them with Level Manager.

2) You have missing sounds.

Tom2pc will always tell you which sounds you're missing right at the end of building a level file. If it's "TRX Sound Y-Z" or the like, then you haven't set WADMerger up properly.

Basically, when you import an object from Tomb Raider 2 or 3, WADMerger will go to wherever you said the MAIN.SFX file was, rip the sounds from there, then place them wherever you said the sound/samples folder was. If you haven't set either of these things, it just won't bother ripping the sounds, but the objects you imported will still need them.

There are two solutions to this:

A. Set the locations for MAIN.SFX and sound/samples then import the objects again.

B. Disable the sounds with the built-in SFX Manager.

For Tomb Raiders 1, 4 and 5, the sounds are stored in the level file itself, so they'll always be ripped. If you haven't set where the sound/samples folder is though, they get dumped into the root directory of whatever drive WADMerger is in. So go there, cut them all, then paste them into sound/samples.

If it's a downloaded object that needs a missing sound, the sound was probably included in the download but you forgot to put it in the sound/samples folder.

If all else fails, just copy and paste another .wav in the sound/samples folder and rename it to whatever sound tomb2pc is asking for.

3) The sound isn't included in the .sfx file.

The easiest solution. Just go into WADMerger's built-in SFX Manager and make sure the boxes next to the sounds you want are ticked.


Right, that's all taken care of. But what if your sounds are working, but they're playing at the wrong pitch? Well, there's an easy way to solve that too.

1) A sound is at about twice the pitch it should be, and it's from TR1 or 2.

You need to convert it. See 1) of the above section.

I'm told Mac users don't have this problem, and the sound will play at the right pitch no matter what the kbps is. That's right folks. The Mac ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING BETTER THAN THE PC!!! I'm shocked as well.

2) The sound is at the wrong pitch, and it's in the right format.

You need to download the standalone version of SFX Manager, which lets you edit the pitch of sounds. For some reason which I cannot fathom, the makers of WADMerger decided to disable this function when they incorporated this tool. Anyway, to change the pitch of a sound to be the same as it sounds in the actual .wav file, set the number in the PIT box to 0. The higher the number, the higher the pitch of the sound.

I'd like to know why TRLE even has this feature. A Core Design employee must've burst into the office one day and shout "Let's mess up the pitch of all the sound effects, then make the .sfx files control the pitch they play at in-game, so when we release this engine to the public, they'll have to do loads of fiddling with them!"

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