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Default Nintendo Power Preview...

Has anyone posted it yet? If not, I can post it.
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I haven't seen it yet. Go for it.
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would hit the spot!
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Ok let's see what it is!
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Whould be great
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I havn't seen it i dont think :/

go for it.
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Here it is:

Page 1: http://i29.************/242d2l0.jpg
Page 2: http://i32.************/rlyl9k.jpg
Page 3: http://i30.************/x4rypk.jpg

I'll add the text as a separate post.

Edit: For anyone who just wants the text:

After more than eleven years of raiding tombs, video gaming's first lady, Lara Croft, is still going strong. While she had some downs (2003's Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness), she's had many ups-particularly since developer Crystal Dynamics took over the reins of the series from original developer Core Design with 2006' Tomb Raider: Legend. Now Crystal Dynamics is working with developers Buzz Monkey Software and Santa Cruz games to continue its success with Lara's upcoming adventure, Tomb Raider: Underworld for Wii and DS.

The game's title gives you a big clue as to what it's about. "Lara is entering into the underworlds of different ancient cultures around the globe," reveals Randy Houser, and associate producer at Crystal Dynamics. Lara's not on some sort of spiritual journey-she's venturing to physical sites and exploring ancient ruins to uncover places such as Xibalba, the Mayan underworld. This premise offers plenty of opportunities for the kind of exploration the franchise is famous for.
For tomb RAider fans who are cautious about Tomb Raider on Wii after having played Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Buzz Monkey's Ted BRown, the lead level deisgner on the wii version of Tomb Raider: Underworld, offers this: "Some people found parts of Tomb Raider: Anniversary frustrating. We read every review, every preview, and a lot of message boards, trying to identify the exactly what those problems were, and how we could best address them." It wasn't all bad, of course: "People loved the first-person 'touch puzzles,' and wanted more, so we created a a brand-new system to let us do just that."
In addition to more "touch puzzles" (see the sidebar), House tells us the Wii version "delivers a truer sense of exploratin and epic feel, which will give playres a greater sense of choice and reward. The premise is to make a Wii game that incorporates those central themes but takes full advantage of the Wii technology and controllers to do things that the other versions can't. Particularly in the way the we can make the player feel that they are really making all the moves themselves and make them feel connected and immersed in the adventure." Brown adds, 'We've custom-built new areas for the Wii, added more gameplay to key areas, and polished the combat and exploration controls to take full advantage of the Wii remote."

Explore your World
Underworls expands upon the all-important concept of exploration by giving Lara new ways to traverse her surroundings. "Lara's gymnastic ability has been steadily evolving, and she moves through the world with more grace than ever before," says Brown. "A lot of climbing features have been added, her grapple rope can be used in new ways, and every level features new, epic puzzles that players have come to expect in a Tomb Raider game." Now lara can make like Mario and wall-jump between two pillars to reach higher platforms, or she can climb walls that have hand- and footholds. And you won't have to worry about fussing with the game's camera while adventuring-the developers have reworked the camera so it's less of a hindrance and gives you a better view of where you need to go.
That is not to say that the game holds your hand. In fact, there was a concerted effort to avoid the linearity of the previous games. Explains Houser, "There is more than one path when playing through the level. This was part of building a bigger sense of exploration; we wanted players to enter into these beautifully presented and pretty epic-looking areas and have to pause and think, 'Which way should I go?'" For instance, at one point you're presented with pillars you have to climb, but you can't quite jump high enough. There's a pole leaning againse one, however, which you can jam into a crack on the side of one pillar, then grab the pole on swing on it to get on top of the taller pillar. if you examing the surroundings further, you might find another path that's not as direct but gets you to your goal all the same.
The environments are vase and rife with danger so it's a good thing Lara brought along her motorbike and her firearms. The bike allows her to race on trails from ruin ruin. "We crafted genuinely fun terrain that the bike can take full advantage of," Brown says. "It's a natural fit, and, at this point, it's hard to imagine the game without it." On some of that terrain you'll come acrossdangers such as panthers or the gun-totinc poachers chasing after them. You can let them fight each other, but they could turn their attention to you if they spot you. This is where your arsenal comes in: as in Anniversary, you can lock onto an enemy and point the remote at ti for precise shooting.

Raider to Go
Naturally, Tomb Raider: Underworld on DS is slightly different, but it is built on many of the same ideas. Having two versions of a title built specifically for their respective platforms is a rarity when so many developers seem content to slap Wii or DS features onto existing games. And due to the platform customization, the developers don't ocnsider either game a port. "The DS version of Tomb Raider: Underworld follows the same story and locales of the console versions, but adapts the gameplay to take advantage of the unique features of the DS system," says Crystal Dynamics associate producer Kari Hattner. "We're taking the best elements of the old-school 2-D platforming genre, while harnessing the power of the DS's 3-D graphics capabilities."
The mix of 3-D characters and backgrounds on a 2-D plane might make you think the game is pretty linear, but Hattner counters, "The DS version contains several multiroom puzzles that require multiple steps to solve, and the player may choose to tackle those steps in any order. The player may traverse and area three or four times, finding a new route to each piece of the puzzle."
And like in the Wii version, many of Lara's signature moves are here, including her new wall-jump ability. "Most of Lara's abilities have made it into the DS version, allowing Lara to move through the levels with grace and ease," notes Hattner. "Maintaingin fidelity to the Lara Croft experience with whih users are familiar, whether that be from previous iterations in the series or from one of the other versions of Underworld, was an important factor in guiding the creation of Tomb Raider: Underworld for DS." The result is a game that captures much of what makes the Wii game so exciting-but in portable form.


Puzzle-solving is a key element of the Tomb Raider series, and as Tomb Raider: Anniversary probed, the Wii remote allows for unique ways to go about that. "We have filled the game with short, satisfying 'touch puzzles' that let you reach out and interact with the environment, using the Wii remote," Brown tells us. "You control Lara's hand as she manipulates puzzles, and leverage her 'multi-tool' when a high-tech solution is required.... This tool will be handled in first-person view and manipulated in real time by Lara's hand. She will have the ability to dust off, weld, burn, melt, pry, and extract debris, detritus, and the occasional percious artiface through this set of Wii interactions."
The DS version, too, makes use of the hardware's individual features. Says Hattner, "Many of the puzzles incorporate the touch screen and/or the microphone. Another cool feature is that as the player encounters puzzles in the game, they are collected in an Extras menu-accesible from the front end-which awards the player the opportunity to have a quick 'bite' of the game while waiting for the bus or at the doctor's office." the puzzles don't just involve moving blocks around, either; the developers have also included what they call "action puzzles," such as using the touch screen to shoot swarms of bats in the first-person perspective.

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Thank you so much for posting this. And it's a good thing that Underworld on DS will feature the rumbe pak!
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Wow ! Best Wii graphics so far.
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Thanks a million for posting

OLD GEN! *hold back vomiting*

New areas? Thats great for Wii users
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