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Default All things that were take-out or change from TRU...

All things that were take-out or change in TRU...
Ok, so there are many topic about deleted stuff from TRU but I want to
open this topic to put it all in one....so let's start!


In Beta version Lara was suppose to have a yellow hair band, but in final they put it in black!
Also if you look, her hair was kinda of buggy...

There are 3 lost Cut-scene. In many trailer's we can see a few cut scene
that were never in the game.

1 - We can see this cut scene in Gameplay Trailer and TV spot:

2 - Lara comes to Mexico, we can se this in 2 BTS video and
in Gameplay Trailer:

3 - In Press trailer that was never ment to be publish, we can se Lara climb
somwever in Mexico, I can't be sure if this is Cut-scene but it really look like:

CD change a few cut-scene....

1. When we first meet Natla, you can se that Lara turn around and Natla
start talking, but in beta we can see that Lara was walking and then she
stop! Also the camera in beta was focus on Lara full body but in final it is only
on face....
Gameplay trailer:

2. In beta, the scene when Croft Manor was blow-up in was supose to be
in-game, but in final they put just a vid from 1 trailer... (found by: Chris.Talg0)

There was suppose to be a white heavy snowsuit. (found by: Chris.Talg0)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWNqj__wirQ - Croft Manor blow-up in game, white snowsuit

This screen show some area that is not in the game, it came from
tombraider.ru, but I don't now who post it firs:

Thailand at night...Yes! Also, in Gameplay trailer we can see that Lara is
fighting with Nagas close to Shiva at night:

In many video we can see Lara in outfit that wasn't on the list of outfit for that level:

There is this old concept art from (possible) Jay Mayan island. But
still Isaac thinks it code be a Thailand becose it look like Gems room,
also if you look up you can see some trees that look like the one from
(found by:TRFanFromTR)

Ahmad take a close look to pic and he possible found Lara on this
concept....and if it wasn't Lara who now that is that?

Thor room was suppose to be totally differ, at least it look like on this
concept art (found by: Isaac)

Golden Laurel from Edios forum also remeber a few think that never happend,
and it was promest....
Originally Posted by Golden Laurel View Post
Ive noticed severeal things: there was that Yeti part in the release trailer, were you see lara run over taht giant room with hammahs!! were we only got to fight one yeti! (in the Jan mayen Island that is) there were also the several movest that werent put into the game like she could pick up rocks and throw them. she would be able to shoot while grapling (maybe its just me but i could enver get this to work) And what was up with the limited tranq guns? I myself didnt use them, but for the people that dont like killing animals, eventualy they would have to if they run out of tranq amo I was also told that when lara would walk through muddy parts of the game, that she would pick up mud(never happend, just dusty dirt) they also said that when she walked through mud or drove through it, foot prints/tire tracks would remain, but that never heppend either.... though i gues alot of this didnt happen because it might have been glitchy, or they could have ran out of time. I also remember a more complicated player tailoring, were you could change puzzle difficulties, exploration, etc. I also remember them including an outfit with a long sleeved shirt, and shorts, (dont ahve a pic).. there's alot more but i dont know were they are... (I also noticed a lack of traps, wich i found dissapointing)

MEGA DELETED! When you come to Jay Mayan and Artic sea level
there was suppose to be a huge part on snow to get into the tomb...
But from some odd reason they cut it out (found by:Isaac)....
In official Underworld guide there was 2 page where we can
see that there was that part in concept but never came to
final version...(posted by: KC Mraz)

There are also tree characters that were deleted. We can see them in
game guide. Peter Eddington, Jessica and Senator Rutland (James Rutland
father), Peter however is kind of in thegame but only on pic. Jessica
was suppose to be a girl, that have mega artifakt, (read 14) Eye of Odin
(I searched on internet, and I found that Odin was also just like Thor,
he was one of Norse God). We don't now much about senator Rutland,
all we now that this is James Rutland father, I think he possible want
revenge, becose Lara kill James, so meybe he want her dead too! Read moor on pic.
(posted by: Philio and TRFanFromTR)

Text about Jessica and Peter + 2 concept

A few concept of Jessica and Peter

Senator Rutland

There was an artifakt that was deleted from final verson. It was name
Eye of Odin, and Odin was one of Norse Gods, just like Thor. Jessica,
deleted character, was suppose to have that artifakt. To read moor
click on a 2 link up.

Polar bears were also suppose to be an enemy...Eric Lindstrom in
game guide says: "We also made to fight on the ice, and it was a
shame to cut them too, but there was no where else to put them
in the game.
" Also he says that level Jay Mayan and Artic sea level
was suppose to be in the same area (read 12), and at the begining of
evry that level you are in the same area but you have to go in other
way....too bad we will never be able to play it....
To founde out moor about that stuff click on link down (thanks to aussie500):

DPV - Diver Propulsion Vehicle, was also shod have been yoused in
Artic sea level, but they left it out becose it was too hard to control.
(Thanks to aussie500, john_york and TRFanFromTR)

PDA was supose to have some moor stuff in it...Photo Album and
Photo Inbox.
(Found by:TRFanFromTR)

This is what TRFanFromTR this about it....and if you ask me he is righte!
Originally Posted by TRFanFromTR View Post
There were two extra sections in PDA, Photo Album and Photo Inbox. I think this proves that Crystal really had to cancel the online camera feature in the final version.
Boat....The beufitfull boat....with all those inwisible wals...Well in
BETA we were able to do with boat much moor stuff like climb up!
We never now why didi they deleted this...(Thanks to tha_mattster and aussie500)

And here is a great coment that tha_mattster say:
Originally Posted by tha_mattster View Post
Maybe it was going to be a kind of mini-manor house since it does seem very homely not just a piece of equipment. I wonder if we were originally going to be able to drive the boat? But the area is still too small for it to be worthwhile so they made the boat static and filled it with invisible walls. Just a theory.
Well the only good think that boat look much beaufull in
final verson:

And aussie500 told us how to get at up:
Originally Posted by aussie500 View Post
You can still explore the upper deck in the final game, you just cannot get up there using the ladder. You can get there from Rutland's ship in the Mediterranean level. Which l actually prefer to having a nice convenient ladder.
and here is one interesting think...You where able to put
Lara in front of camera and take a shot! But ofc it was
also cut-out!

Around 4:50 you can see what I talk about!

Camera is bad....Almouste evryone say that!!! But in beta
camera was able to move where ever you want....
you can see it in this vid(found by:tha_mattster):

And here is his coment:
Originally Posted by tha_mattster View Post
In this video which was posted earlier, look how the camera moves. The zooming in and out is being manually controlled by the player! The player in the video is able to zoom the camera out much further than is possible in the final game. The closest the player (in this early version) can zoom in looks the same as the default camera distance in the final game. Maybe they cut this manual zoom in/out option because in some areas of the game (especially indoor ones) the camera was way too buggy if the player zoomed out far. So instead they remove the zoom in/out option and make the camera stick close to Lara to reduce bugginess (though its still very buggy).
Doppleganger in concept look much much diffrent..But in final they totaly cahnge
her..in Beta she had a black hire, normal eyes littel difrerent pistols etc...
(Found by: aussie500)

In Beta Lara was vering PDA on the back of her belt
but they cut it too, but it stay on wii.
(Found Isaac, thanks to grayfox360)

There are many stuff levels that were cut...

Thailand wall jump, but then they put lege in there:

In Jay Mayan island there was suppose to be a fire
in Valhala:
(Found by: Tomb-Dude)

ENDING(!!) was suppose to be totally diffrent it was found tonighte
25.1.2009 !!! Why did it got delet nobody
now! I hope Eric will tell us moor! (found by:WhiteTiger and Po Yu)
If you want to see it go to this topic:

Eric says before there was not enofe space to put cut-scenes
and other fun sutff in extras...but! There are sreens that show there
was suppose to be much moor stuff!
So were replay level and cutscenes are in beta?
(Found by: TRFanFromTR)

Logo....beta logo was for meany people very beutifull
but they cut it for some odd reason....

Weather effects, different dirt buildup,
altered face in beta...
(Thanks to Twilight)

It was sure one of the worst evening for
Lara Croft, her hose was destroy and her
friend got killd! But was it really suppose to
be evening? NO! In beta it was all set up in
morning or meybe suton?
(Found by: [Xmas])

What can I say? White motorbike...Xmas think
it was put becos the area was very dark....who
(Found by: [Xmas])


So this is it...for now. I bet if Edios form the start show us moor the list
whode be a much longer, but if you have somethink please post...

P.S. Please moderators don't close this...
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Where is that video of Ingame Croft Manor explosion? I have never seen it.
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How many times?!

1. Those 'missing big doors' are the doors leading to the gauntlet chamber in Thailand.

2. 'Thailand at night' is from the gameplay trailer where pretty much every scene was darkened, presumably to hide detail they didn't want us to see. If it was night, there wouldn't be clearly defined shadows like there are in the trailer. Watch it again and look at the 'i need the belt...' part again - same thing. In the final game, you can see the manor's gardens etc in the background, but in the trailer, it's just dark.
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Exactly like TRLegend...
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All you pointed out was in the game , well except this version of the manor explosion , Lara's suit and the color of her hair band afaik .
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Originally Posted by Ilie_Fusarau View Post
All you pointed out was in the game , well except this version of the manor explosion , Lara's suit and the color of her hair band afaik .
Really? I don't this so.....

Originally Posted by James_Rutland View Post
Where is that video of Ingame Croft Manor explosion? I have never seen it.
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Ilie_Fusarau said "hair band" not "hair". It can be called a Hair Band or a Bauble.
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Originally Posted by laralover_07 View Post
Ilie_Fusarau said "hair band" not "hair". It can be called a Hair Band or a Bauble.
ups....well...thanks for telling...
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I want the -player option back
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Um, most of those things aren't really "taken out". Those "cutscenes" were just made specifically for trailers, and the big door is still in the game, and you were never supposed to fight Nagas at night.
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