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Default [Fixing] Prj crash due missing PCX/TGA

- Tutorial is based on WindowsXP Platform, I don't know how Vista handles the whole thing, perhaps somebody who has vista knowledge can add his part to this tutorial
- Thanks to Aktrekker for providing extra information for some things to keep in mind and pointing out mistakes.

Not often but sometimes people bump into this very annoying TRLE error. They often save their project with a texture set and when they try to reopen the project after a few minutes it crashes. The editor gives a "ARG List too big" error followed up by a very strange "Cannot find ????.PCX"

This post will explain you how to save your project from missery.
So what is causing this missery? As far as I have read on various forums by various people: TRLE simply does not like spaces in the filename for projects and textures. Neither it likes extreme long filenames/pathnames. So it is wise to keep your TRLE pathname as short as possible. Like: C:\trle or any other desired location.

Incase you do not know what the hell I am talking about. Pathname is the location where TRLE is installed. Such as: C:\program files\core design\trle. Which is the standard.

Please note that this is not easy for everyone to do. I think I'll judge the expertise level on moderate. If you don't know what you are doing, do not attempt it at all. Hex editing can mess up your project file. It is always adviced to make proper back-ups. Feel free to contact me if you are affraid to do it yourself.

- A Hex editor (I used Hexprobe 4.3)
- Your corrupted project file
- Your TGA file
- WAD for your level

Step 1
- First, make a back-up of your PRJ file, TGA and WAD.
- Second, rename your PRJ or TGA (whichever contains a space in the filename) to a smaller/simpler name.
- Third, See down here, this is bad and wrong for TRLE

Example: City of Sanus.Prj & City of Sanus.TGA should become -> CitySanus.prj & CitySanus.tga (as long as it doesn't contains spaces)

Step 2
Now comes the essential and tricky part. Hex editing the project file. It is nothing exciting but you need to know where to look.
- Boot up the hex editor and open your project file.
- Use the search function in the editor to find your PATHNAME. I installed my TRLE on F:\core design\trle. So I have to start looking for F:\.

As you can see, the TGA file contains spaces. We need to eliminate them and rename it to CitySanus.TGA (Because I renamed it like this in Step 1).

Filename with spaces. (Before) ---- Filename without spaces. (After)

So simply type the correct TGA file name BUT do not remove the single space after the ".TGA" Else it would still crash the editor. See here:

If you make the pathname shorter, make sure you delete the extra characters and leave a space at the end. Example:
- pathname to your texture = x:\Progra~1\CoreDe~1\trle\peru.tga (x stands for the partition letter)
- And you want to change it into: x:\trle\peru.tga
- If you would type over the new path it would look like this: x:\trle\peru.tgaDe~1\trle\peru.tga
- Remove "De~1\trle\peru.tga" else it would crash.
- Put a space at the end of ".TGA" (see above mini picture)

If you make it longer, make sure you use INSERT function. Hexeditors generally OVERWRITE text. So look carefully what you are typing. And always, ALWAYS have back-ups.
- So do not blindly type over. \
- Use the insert function to add the extra characters.
- Don't forget the space at the end of ".TGA"

Step 3
Checking if it all worked. Well for me it did. What about you?

- You can use this for any project file which is corrupt. All you need to do is remember the pathname where your project/texture is located.
- If you deleted your texture file before you can simply load up another texture file using the hex edit. Most important is to get your project running again.

Video tutorials:
Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/184874225/trleprjfix.avi
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?w2gzyiidmwl

Tutorial version 1.2 Feel free to PM for spelling/grammar mistakes or additional information
- Corrected mistake with filename in tutorial.
- Added important section in step2, thanks aktrekker.
- Checked on Engrish mistakes. =P

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