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Originally Posted by rr_carroll View Post
C'mon, Palace Midas or someone - stick a PS disk into a PC's CD drive or DVD drive and see if you can find data files! Your computer probably won't explode. Psych.
I've just checked my PS disc, and the data files aren't in .PHD format, so TombViewer doesn't recognise them.

Great shots, btw. The level design in TR1 really was amazing. I'll have to have a look at these levels with TombViewer sometime.
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Vilcabamba actually looks like a little town square in that pic! finally i can see the city! And not just a random bunch of rooms as it looks ingame
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Thanks for checking Verdilet. Too bad, I was hoping PS players could explore the levels with Jim Valavanis' great program.
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those who have PS disks devoid of those .phd files:

to find a way to explore the levels from within
using J. Valavanis' TombViewer

if you want you can PM me for a potential workaround
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This is awesome
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Originally Posted by Rivendell View Post
Crystal Dynamics should look at this, and take inspiration from the meaning of 'Sprawling Level Design'.

I replayed Palace Midas last night. It widdles all over it's 2007 'remake'.
He he, that brings up quite an interesting mental picture.

I fully agree too, Crystals levels just don't have the grandeur and scope of the stuff Core did. With all the power available to modern level designers I don't understand why they make such tiny, compact and boring levels. I was building better, more complex stuff than Crystal, using the Duke 3D Build editor back in 1996!
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these look amazing XD
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Palace Midas
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I wonder if it's possible to take snapshots of the maps from Tomb Raider: Anniversary and compare them to these ones That would be great!
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I played around with TombViewer, got it working.

So others could enjoy I wanted to bump this thread with a github repo I made, you can download everything as a zip:

In the README.md there is information on everything included. The levels were provided by a demo of the PC game I found online, 23 MB or so.

You'll need to use a windows based OS or a compatibility layer program on another OS. Hope you all enjoy.

I even got a hold of the original creator of Tomb Viewer and asked him why he hadn't included the source code, he told me it was too complicated and had too many dependencies.

Couple pics from the github repo included:


Anyway, enjoy.
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Tomb Raider unfinished business levels added to the github repository.

Look at every nook and cranny in the levels that you couldn't see with Lara.

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