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Level NextGen
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Default Tomb Raider Orion's Constellation By Level NextGen

Tomb Raider Orion's Constellation
banner to soon

Since few times, to face to a lack of inspiration, I made a sort of "ArtBook" in which figures all the concept of the adventure : including Ideas, Maps, and various Renders... I don't know when this project will end, so don't ask me!

There are 10 000 years, a civilization surpassed technologically all other civilizations. This peaceful and well-educated people, learned to other populace of the earth writing, agriculture, trade, and architecture. Over the years its strenght and its power grew as well. Large ports and wide buildings all as gorgeous as the others were developing throughout the city, called Atlantis, to honor the Sea's God : Poseidon.
Atlanteans built great pyramids on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, to congratulate their native world (because as we suspected they not come from Earth) but from a more distant location : The constellation of Orion. Moreover, these pyramids were perfectly in terms of 3 main stars of "Orion".
But it couldn't last. Indeed, the Earth was formed a hellish mechanism which allowed not only the life but also the total destruction of the latter : the Apocalypse. Atlantean knew perfectly well, so they install in their pyramids a device to stop the dying process when it will start.
However, the "Zero Day", the day when the sun rises to join the intersection of the Milky Way and the ecliptic plane, an overload of energy occurred in a large Atlantean complex and most of the energy; necessary for proper functioning to stop, was lost ... and all became white.
The next day, the Earth was still as abundant life. Nevertheless, Atlantis had disappeared in a giant tsunami. No trace of the island remained.
It is said that this great civilization would die for us and there is no more trace of their coming on land.
Any trace? No! Today, our heritage comes from their vast knowledge. In addition, the pyramids are still present, but it was impossible to find any convictions of their technologies. Until Lara Croft discovered the Scion: keeper of the Universal Knowledge, but it seemed useless.

Nowaday, we are on 2012, December 1st, the human civilization is expanding rapidly though some unnecessary wars. Indeed, it seems booming technology, but it pollutes, kills and loots. The melting of ice occurs, global warming will actually feel; the climate is wrong (Tornado, Tsunami and others) and the Earth suffers. Moreover, the 3rd cycle of the earth coming to the end and we are closer to the "Zero Point" : 21 December 2012 of the biblical calendar (AD).
Hurry, time is running out, and the only way to stop once the dead mechanism of the Earth is the devise of Atlantean.
This the time for Lara to get involved, but she must deciphering the Scion.

Our young heroine not just commit a pursuit for the life but also for a sumptuous landscape (I hope ), for the knowledge and the deliverance.
But this quest shouldn't be as easy as ABC, cause two groups of persons want the Scion too. One : The Templars, to rescue the world ; and the other : to destruct it and let begin a new era! Lara should join one of them... but appareances could be a fake!

Lara's Mansion, England

Rome, Italia

Yucatán, Mexico (location of the Demo)

Giza, Egypt

Vatnajökull, Iceland

Guanahacabibes, Atlantic Sea :

How I work ?
In this section, I'll show you how I build my demo level which take place in Mexico : Jungle Fever (wink to Titak )! Since I couldn't continue levels due to a lack of inspirations and preparations, I decided to make all on a book then start to build! That what I've done...
Cautions, it's a SPOILER!

I started to write some informations to have a whole idea : this is the note! PS : I wrote it in english but as it was personal I make a lot of mistakes a sorta "Franglais" !

Then I started to create the map (quiet gorgeous). /!\ Real Spoiler

Now I'm creating renders like this. This is just some drawings to materialize the landscape and the objects... I will post some renders of objects and some effects to make a realistic world!
RENDER 1 : The Waterfall and The Bridge

I have in mind to make "Making of" and WIP (like Psiko )... This will include screenshots in game, in editor, animations, objects, textures etc.
WIP : Cavern of the Spirit
Making Of : Introduction on Animations
Progress Report : Jungle Fever 1st Release
  • Climbable Animation SOON
  • Polerope Animation SOON
  • More to soon...
Making Of : The Waterfall SOON
Extra info : This making of will included a final render (thanks to Meta2TR) and description of object's elaboration. It could be considered as a mini tutorial to make a realistic nature.
"You nailed it!"

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Welcome to this forum, Level NextGen!

Story sounds good and I'm looking forward to seeing some screenshots of the levels.

Have you just started building or have you been working on it for some time now? Have you ever made a level(set) before?
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That looks awesome! I look forward to its release I shall also be checking this thread VERY often!
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Looks really good!
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Tomb Raider
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glad to see the turn switch return!! this project look amzing!!
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I can't wait!
I see you have some Underworld-ish elements in the game
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Woah, incredible screens!
You should be grateful
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Wow !! this looks great can't wait till it comes out
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Woow, looks amazing!
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Level NextGen
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I can't had the time to finish to edit my post, that many people reply to my thread...
Thank you for the answers. It is my real first level and I haven't thought many people find it is good. I'm very embarrased.
So I should finish to edit my post NOW (translate french to english) .
Thank you again!
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