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Arrow Creating a Horizon


There are about 3 parts to this as far as I know. I'll post the latter two later.

Basically, what you want to achieve is the kind of horizon effect that you see in some games (aka spherical) rather than a boxy horizon. I'll show you as best as I can to achieve that effect.

Constructing the Horizon

First, you want to start out with a sphere:

You can just go to primitives and create a new sphere.

Next, you want to cut about this much from the sphere:

Which should turn into this:

Adjust the size of your hemisphere (this is subjective.... I usually make it sort of flat)

And now invert face:

This is to make sure that the textures are from where Lara can see.

Setting up the Textures

**I would recommend using textures that are in a 2:1 ratio. This is important, I'll explain it soon.


(scroll down to "Skies 360")

Next, resize the ENTIRE canvas to your liking (I prefer 256x128 canvas)

For this example, I'm using this texture:
scroll down to Sky-111604c

Here it is on the canvas:

Awesome, right? =P

Now resize it to whatever you want (but here are my preferences):

Once it's resized, select the selecting tool and here are the preferences I used:

With that, you'll get perfect chunks of selected pieces..:

Crop each section and save it; these are the individual horizon pieces. Now you'll see why I chose to crop each piece into 64x64, the maximum size of strpix textures is 256x256 and 64 X 4 = 256 so each sky texture will line up perfectly in strpix

Do that until you get something like this in a folder.... keep in mind i just copied each piece into IrfanView therefore all their names are clipboard.. lol:


**Part Three Coming Soon**
Don't worry... Be happy ツ

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