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Talking New Patched TR4 Engine.

Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing well.

Well, in the TRLE community, an amazing program named the "TREP" was made in order for users to custom patch their executables with whatever is available. This has become very useful within the community as bigger levels were being made and it was really stretching the limits of the engine.

For a few weeks now, I've really been trying to put the TREP Widescreen patch into the TR4 engine but I've had no luck. Unfortunately, TREP and the TR4 engine are not compatible even though its the same engine but I'm guessing the TRLE engine has less coding than the TR4 engine (TR4 has cutscene and FMV support, TRLE doesnt for example) so thats why TREP is not compatible with it.
(If anyone would have any idea about the Widescreen-ing, Please feel free to PM me)

Anywho, I gave up on the widescreen patch attempting for a while and thought I'd try to change a few other things using new codes supplied by TREP. This is what I've managed to enable in the TR4 game engine.

Enemies Dont dissapear when killed.

Lara does not go transparent while the camera is behind her in Look Mode

New Camera behaviour (Stick mode) Makes the camera more similar to the older TR games. Its hard to explain but you'll surely notice the difference if you go into a corner or small room ingame.

Unify Battle and Normal camera. You'll notice in TR4 that when you draw your weapons, the camera raises but this completely deletes that. its more like TR5.


Fix SAS Grenade Bug
Grab to Climb pause disabled

I'm quite proud of this because I am in no way a programmer, I just used a Hex Editor to do it. It was very hard because the two engines are considerably different and finding the correct codes was a mission.

I'd like to add more features but its quite limited as majority of the patches need a feature to extend the size of the engine, I tried to do that, but I just get a crash so I apologise that there isnt anything very worthwhile but thats because all the cool patches are in need of this engine extension.

Patched TOMB4.exe V2

(By the way, I patched this file so No CD is needed as it was easier for me to test. All you have to do is make a folder, Copy all of the contents from your TR4 CD into it and put the PatchedTomb4.exe into it and double click and you should be fine)

CAMERA LOCK PATCH Description described in Post #9. Useful for getting cool screenshots.

Ever wanted to run TR4 at a higher framerate? This patched was released for TREP but soon made its way into the darkness as it was basically just for experimenting but I think its pretty cool. It flashes a bit (In my PC anyway) but there is a definate more smooth look to the game and just looks so much more real. For some reason it doesnt not effect cutscenes, but it effects Flyby sequences and ingame play.

(A bit of a bug warning. My monitor is 1920x1080 but when I set the exe to this resolution, the 60fps takes no effect. It looks the best at 1280x800 for me so I suggest people to try it at around that resolution. Ignore the floating Save/Load icon ingame, its just another bug which doesnt effect the game at all.)

60FPS Patched TOMB4.exe

Also please, if it actually runs smoothly for you (no flashing for example) Please let me know My graphics card is quite old and im suprised it runs at all at 60fps

So, tell me what you all think ^^ If there is something not quite right, be sure to let me know

Australian, Japanese speaking TR addict.

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Thats realy nice,but how about to ad the leg straps? lara is much better whit this
its possible?
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Works perfectly

I hope you'll get the widescreen patch to work.
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Thanks for sharing the link, I have not tried this yet. I am doing the TR4 Challenge at the moment so will wait until I have finished the Challenge then will try it.
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These patches should be very useful. I prefer more realism and I take a lot of screenshots. The only one I probably won't like is "Unify Battle and Normal camera", since I like to draw weapons to alter camera position. It would be nice to toggle them on & off individually, but switching to a different tomb4.exe is not a big deal.

I suppose this replaces a multipatched tomb4.exe, which is not good for me, since I have hundreds of savegames for the unpatched version, but I can live with it.

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Wow, fantastic job.
When I learned about TREP I also made my own custom exe, and tried it with TRLR too, but of course didn't work.
We usually simply say that TRLE uses TR4 engine, but technically it's closer to The Times engine.
It's great that you could make at least some of the features work.
Can you try to fix the holster bug and the grenade bug? These also don't require the extended exe.
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Thanks, but I don't think the .exe is safe, the mods might remove it because it doesn't require a CD. Anyway, I got it in time, and it's great! Thanks. Oh, and is it possible to enable dozy from the start and all the levels, etc. in the actual .exe, I'm too lazy to do it myself. If it is, may you make one? Thanks, P_C.
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Originally Posted by akci View Post
Wow, fantastic job.
When I learned about TREP I also made my own custom exe, and tried it with TRLR too, but of course didn't work.
We usually simply say that TRLE uses TR4 engine, but technically it's closer to The Times engine.
It's great that you could make at least some of the features work.
Can you try to fix the holster bug and the grenade bug? These also don't require the extended exe.
I didnt think the holsters bug was in tr4, only trle.

Why not add features like...

Jump out of crawlspace (like in TRC, all the anims are in TR4)
Easy climb into crawlspace (I dont like having to press crawl and up)

etc etc
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Hi everyone. I've made an update. I've now included the SAS Grenade Bug fix due to it being requested Now Lara actually gets hurt by their grenades and she sets on fire when she dies.
I've also implemented a physics change. In TR4, when you grab a ledge and climb up, there is a significant pause. Now, when you do this, lara will climb up instantly

So in this EXE,

Disable Enemy Death Dissapearance
Remove Look mode transparency
Unify Normal/Battle Camera
Free Camera - Stick (Like Classic game cameras)
SAS Grenade Bug Fix
Grab to Climb pause disabled

And here it is ^^ Patched TOMB4.EXE V2

Since rr_carrol mentioned about Taking Screenshots. There was a pretty cool feature used in TREP which locks the camera in whatever position it is placed in and can only be relocated if you hit the Look key.
Ive put these codes into a fresh exe (With no other patching by Me except No-CD) so you can use this to take some pretty cool ingame screenshots. Its difficult to explain exactly what it does, but you will see ingame yourself.
(Warning, when you begin a level that doesnt begin with a flyby, You will only see black. Press the LOOK key and It will revert to Lara) Just remember, when you want to relocate the camera position, press the look key

Camera Lock Patch

Now, about the fixing of the holsters (Uzi and Revolver) I did try. I am 100% sure I put the codes in the right places but no effect at all So i've no clue why its not working, Sorry.
(By the way, I also tried to implement the TR5 style Quick Crawlspace Climb (climbing into the crawlspace without having to press the crawl key, just a direct climb up) which in TREP doesnt not require any Extending the TR4 engine size but that just caused the game to crash when she attempted to climb into it.) I apologise for that too.

@Cristina= The leg straps have nothing to do with the engine, its an actual outfit thing It can be fixed but it would require some patience.

@Aurelien52= Thankyou and yes, I hope to get the Widescreen feature working soon, but its REALLY doing my head in.

@Raider1969= Thats great to hear you're taking part in the TR4 Challenge But, using these patches will not affect your game/savegames or anything because for one, its a different file name so it doesnt overwrite your existing TR4 engine.

@rr_carroll= Thankyou for mentioning screenshots, hence why I implemented the Camera Lock feature earlier in this post. I hope you can use it to your advantage.
I've tested using savegames with it and it still works, unless you talk about using savegames from the COMPLETELY unpatched version. My patches are based on the XP fast loading patch, and you can get savegames compatible for these at Tombraiders.net for example. And as I said to Raider1969, this will NOT affect your Multipatched EXE as it has a different file name and will not overwrite the EXE you normally use

@akci= Hi Glad to see you've had some experience with TREP too ^^ I have implemented the SAS grenade bug fix which seems to be working and I've also explained why the Holsters Fix does not seem to work above.

@Phoebe_Croft= Hi ^^ I dont think the file poses any threat because it isnt intended for people to play without the CD, Its just for a bit of fun and I doubt anyone would really use it anyway, its only a few little features.
About DOZY and Selecting all the levels. There is a program called Scripter4 which can directly edit the TR4 script files and you can enable both those features yourself. It does not require any exe editing.

@!Lara Croft!= No, the Holsters Bug was too in TR4 as I tried for about an hour and a half to get it working but no luck. The jump out of crawlspace requires the Extend TOMB4.exe size which turns out quite buggy in the actual TR4 engine so I cant do that, and I described why the Easy climb into crawlspace isnt working above.

Hope you guys enjoy ^^
Australian, Japanese speaking TR addict.
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I make some screenshots is great
Sorry My Bad English I speak spanish. XNALara
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