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Arrow Collection of poses for XNALara

when creating a pose in XNALara, there's always a lot of repetitive work to do everytime,
e.g. do the hand pose when Lara is holding a weapon.

so it might be a good idea to have a library of (partial) poses

actually it's not a new idea, since a couple of member's already had thoughts about it.

possible ideas for poses : "Right hand holding the gun", face expressions, a sitting Lara, ...

so here's an attempt to collect such a library. if you would like to share a partial pose
or a full pose as well, feel free to post it here in this thread.

a pose entry should please include:

- the name of the pose ( and maybe a small description if it's a partial or full pose )
- if possible a link to the .pose file
- maybe a small picture to present the pose.

i will then sort the poses from time to time and build up a link list
in the first post of this thread.

what do you think ?

to give an example, i created a humble pose:
this pose file affects only the right shoulder, arm, wrist and hand

Right Hand Pushing The Button


The Collection ( quite a lot already )

Complete Poses

Standing poses
4 Standing Poses Pack ( by Navid ) details
Beautiful standing pose (By tonyme) Details
Swimsuit pose (By Navid) Details
Balancing Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
Standing Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
Standing Ready (By LaraRules81) Details
Perfect Standing Pose (By CommanderIX) Details
Concept Fashion Pose (By seashell093) Details
Decision Pose (By CommanderIX) Details
2 Guns Ready Pose (By Skiiper) Details
fix glove pose (By seashell093) Details
handstand split pose (By seashell093) Details
handstand pose (By seashell093) Details
Forward Pose (By CommanderIX) Details
Lookback Pose (By Stosh) Details
smell rose pose (By seashell093) Details Scene (Requested by TRLegendLuver)
Elegant poses ( Amanda & Lara ) (By CommanderIX) Details (Requested by Poker15)
Elegant Standing Pose (By Navid) Details
Concept Art Pose (By XNAaraL) Details
sexy pose (By October ) Details
standing pose (By ChingKong) Details
beautiful standing pose (By Poker15) Details
Sneaky Front&Back (By Navid) Details DG Scene
Hoe (DG) without gun&with gun (By Terka) Details
Lara salutes ( by SkubiXTX ) Details
sexy pose ( by Poker15 ) Details
Lara Beckon Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
OlaManda Heavy pose ( by XNAaraL ) Details
Perfect Standing Pointing ( by Rolanda_141 ) Details
Stare Stand ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Relaxed stand ( by Poker15 ) Details
FBI pose ( by amaris ) Details
Variation of Decision Pose by CommanderIX ( by zipper ) Details
Natla la Carrie-Anne Moss ( by H4RR7H ) Details
Alister standing arms crossed ( by Rolanda_141 ) Details
Alister elegant stance ( by Rolanda_141 ) Details
Alister elegant stance glasses ( by Rolanda_141 ) Details
lara photo pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
sexy1 ( by Veronika ) Details
sexy2 ( by Veronika ) Details
hot stand ( by Veronika ) Details
Check ear piece ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
smirk pose ( by Anilorak ) Details
Femme Fatale ( by Poker15 ) Details

Walking & Running poses
Natla walking ( by LARA_geek ) details used mod
Lara Cautious Walking (By Gazza 727) Details
Wall Run Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
Simple Walking Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
zombie running pose (By seashell093) Details
Running Wild (By CommanderIX) Details
Running Wild with Gun (By CommanderIX) Details
HandGun Run (By Navid) Details
HandGun Run 2 (By Navid) Details
stealth pose (By o0Crofty0o) Details
Walking downstairs (By o0Crofty0o) Details
Walking upstairs (By o0Crofty0o) Details
Balance beam Pose (By Steven_1379) Details
walking pose ( by ChingKong ) Details
Relaxed Walking Pose ( by Poker15 ) Details

Sitting poses
Lara's sitting ( by Navid ) Details
Lara sitting on knees ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details (Requested by TheUnderworld)
Driving car ( both hands on wheel ) ( by Navid ) Details
Driving car ( shifting gear ) ( by Navid ) Details
2 sitting on chair poses ( by Navid ) Details
sittin on the stairs pose ( by zipper ) Details
Sitting, Guns Ready ( by Legend of Lara ) Details
Another sitting pose (By Stosh) Details
sit sideways pose (By seashell093) Details
Recording Discovery Pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
sitting pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
lara-sitting ( by Veronika ) Details
hot chair ( by Veronika ) Details

Kneeing poses
Kneeing with glasses Pose (By CommanderIX) Details
fix boot pose (By seashell093) Details
Kneel Lara ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
render pose3 (By seashell093) Details
innocent? pose (By zipper) Details
shoot pose (By zipper) Details
Crouching Lara ( by tarcairion ) Details
Classic crouch pose ( by Stosh ) Details
Lara Crouch ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
at the beach ( by o0Crofty0o ) Details
Kneeling, raising head backward ( by Vince C. ) Details
lara grimpe pose ( by James-Croft ) Details
crawling pose ( by Navid ) Details
Crouch covering ( by amaris ) Details
Relaxed Kneeing Pose ( by Poker15 ) Details
sexy3 ( by Veronika ) Details
hot kneeling ( by Veronika ) Details
sad Lara ( by Veronika ) Details
pain ( by Veronika ) Details

Laying poses
Angelina Lay Pose (By seashell093) Details
Lay down pose (By sn00p) Details
laying pose (By ozzman) Details
relaxing pose (By ClassicCroft) Details
reclining pose (By Stosh) Details
She Wolf pose (By WCookie) Details
Laying Classic (By Steven_1379) Details
Sexy laying pose ( by Poker15 ) Details
crawl pose ( by LCEF (CA) ) Details
hot bed ( by Veronika ) Details

Action poses
Swan Dive ( by H4RR7H ) details
TRA Jump ( by LaraRules81 ) details
wrath hamma ( by LARA_geek ) details
Kung Fu (By maxpayne32) Details
In Action (By lildark7) Details
The jumpkick (by toughraid3r37) Details
hammatime (by LARA_geek) Details
Stealth-like pose (by tombraidergale) Details
Running & Shooting (By LaraRules81) Details
Combat Swandive (By LaraRules81) Details
Ready to fight ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
Lara alerted ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
jump n punch ( By Poker15 ) Details
Beautiful Jumping Pose ( By Steven_1379 ) Details
Shadow Moment Climbing ( By VictorXD ) Details
handstand ( by ChingKong ) Details
x_dry ( by XNAaraL ) Details
Classic jump pose ( by Stosh ) Details
Lara Falling ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Bench Roll ( by VictorXD ) Details
Jump Obstacle Pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
katana/shurikens attack ( by Vince C. ) Details
Sliding pose ( by James-Croft ) Details
Shadow Punch ( by Love2Raid ) Details
Vertical Climb ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Vertical Pole Climb ( by Steven_1379 ) Details

Gun poses
5 Shooting Poses Pack ( by Navid ) details
Actiony ( by ChingKong ) details
Lara aiming guns ( by Gazza727 ) details
Taking Cover ( by tarcairion ) details
2 Drawing Pose (Original Drawing by Quasimodo) (By seashell093) Details
Drawing Pose (By seashell093) Details
Back With Guns (By seashell093) Details
Lara Scared With One Pistol (By tonyme) Details
Lara Running And Shooting Pose (By tonyme) Details
Cross Guns (By seashell093) Details
Lara Running Holding Guns (By tonyme) Details
swan dive guns (By seashell093) Details
midair_gun (By LARA_geek) Details
Aiming Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
Satanic Gun Pose (By Zipper) Details
Doppelganger pose (By Groft) Details
leaping shoot (By seashell093) Details (Requested by TRLegendLuver)
Guns Ready ( By toughraid3r37 ) Details
Lara pointing Gun Up ( By tonyme ) Details
Gun standing pose v.1 v.2 ( By Poker15 ) Details
Gun Up, Gun Point ( By Steven_1379 ) Details
Drawn Guns sexy stand ( By Steven_1379 ) Details
Gun Up, Gun hanging ( By Steven_1379 ) Details
One Gun Two hands ( By Steven_1379 ) Details
Gun up, gun hanging leaning against a wall ( By Steven_1379 ) Details
One gun two hands leaning against wall ( By Steven_1379 ) Details
jump n shoot ( By Poker15 ) Details
smile (with gun) ( By toughraid3r37 ) Details
High Kick With Guns Pose ( By Steven_1379 ) Details
Egoshooter ( By zipper ) Details
Aiming ( By Navid ) Details
Start Drawing Gun Pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
a beautiful pose for Miss Croft ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
standing pose ( by Merx10 ) Details
One Handgun Stand Pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Back Air Flip ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Bayonetta inspired pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Lara and Doppelganger Action Pose ( by tombraiderfrea ) Details
Egypt pose ( by tombraiderfrea ) Details
Running Gunning Pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Ready For Fight ( by o0Crofty0o ) Details
Dual Gun Strut Pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Atlethic Jump ( by Matty-Croft ) Details
ghost breaching ( by Veronika ) Details
waiting to breach ( by Veronika ) Details
behind corner ( by Veronika ) Details
kneeling-shooting ( by Veronika ) Details
Vertical Climb Shooting ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
hot shooting ( by Veronika ) Details

Other weapon poses
inahime bow jump pose(scene) (By seashell093) Details bow model
inahime bow jump pose(scene) pose only bow pose only (By Navid) Details bow model
grey fox sword(scene) pose only sword only pose (By seashell093) Details
Lara with sai (scene included) (By Navid) Details
anopther pose with sai (scene included) (By Navid) Details
Amanda with a sword (Excalibur) ( by Love2Raid ) Details

TR signature poses
TR1 gamebox pose ( by TRULuverzz ) details
TR2 gamebox pose ( by TRULuverzz ) details
TR3 gamebox pose ( by TRULuverzz ) *scene file* details
TRL Jump Pose (By XNAaraL) Details
TR II Render Pose (By irishhips) Details
TR Legend Pack (By Navid) Details
TRU Render Hang (By seashell093) Details
TRU cover (By seashell093) Details
whitecoat DLC Pose1 (By Navid) Details (Requested by LaraRules81)
whitecoat DLC Pose1 (By tarcairion) Details (Requested by LaraRules81)
whitecoat DLC Pose1 (By seashell093) Details (Requested by LaraRules81)
whitecoat DLC Pose2 (By seashell093) Details (Requested by LaraRules81)
TR AOD Asylum pose (By Merx10) Details
AOD Stealth Crawl (By toughraid3r37) Details
TRA ready guns render (By seashell093) Details
TR4 lay smile (By seashell093) Details
Legend arms crossed (By seashell093) Details
Legend prepare to jump (By seashell093) Details
TR1 aiming & smiling (By toughraid3r37) Details requested by silviu_raider
Thailand Render Pose (By toughraid3r37) Details
Tombraider Anniversary Render Pose (By Xenius) Details
TRA Render Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
Legend Biker Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
Legend Swinging Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
AoD Render Pose (By LaraRules81) Details
TRA Wii render pose (By seashell093) Details
WET Render Pose (By tombraidergale) Details
DLC Swandive (By LaraRules81) Details
Faith Lara (By FaithLara) Details
Angelina Hip Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
Legend Shot Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
cute sitting pose(TR2) (By seashell093) Details
laras shadow render pose (By Poker15) Details
TRU box cover (By toughraid3r37) Details
Doppelganger signature standing pose (By Love2Raid) Details
Cradle of Life Cover Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
Underworld Guns Ready Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
Underworld Stand Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
amanda fight 1 ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
amanda fight 2 ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
doppelganger ( by Merx10 ) Details
TRU Lara jump Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
AOD pose ( by Merx10 ) Details
AOD gun pose ( by Stosh ) Details
Lara with Excalibur ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
TRU Render Lara ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
Underworld render pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
AOD Leap Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
Lara AOD Poster Pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details scene included in Details !
Kurtis AOD Poster Pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details scene included in Details !
AOD Monkey Swing ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
AOD Saved ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
AOD Climb Over ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
GOL Artwork Dodging Pose ( by VictorXD ) Details
classic tr1 lara ( by egypt_gypsie ) Details
Angelina Jolie arms crossed ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
Anniversary render ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
TRA Figure Pose ( by Matty-Croft ) Details
TR2 Render Standing ( by Matty-Croft ) Details
TRC Jump ( by Matty-Croft ) Details
AOD pose ( the laser ) ( by Lara's Shadow ) Details
Anniversary Jump ( by FearEffect ) Details
LCGOL shooting pose ( by VictorXD ) Details
Aod memories - Paris ( by }{aLuet ) Details

TR model's poses
TR Model Poses (By Navid) Details (Requested By My dog Max)
TR Model Poses (By RetardedRaider) Detials (Requested By My dog Max)
Seven Alison Carroll Poses (Pack) (By seashell093) Details
Alison Carroll Poses Package 2 (Pack) (By seashell093) Details
Alison Carroll Stance Pose (By toughraid3r37) Details
7 Karima poses pack ( by Ol.a ) Details

Sports poses
Hit the ball! ( by Matty-Croft ) Details
Lara standing with ball ( by Matty-Croft ) Details
Stosh bicycle kick ( by Stosh ) Details

Other games'/comics'/movies'/media poses
Dante (Devil May Cry) Poses (By Navid) Details
Chun Li Pack (By Navid) Details
Betty and Veronica pose (By Navid) Details
Claire's Degeneration render pose (By drakl0r) Details
RoundHouse Kick pose (Samurai Warriors) (By Navid) Details
Faith Lara (Mirror's Edge) (By seashell093) Details (requested by FaithLara)
three Abbey Chase poses (Danger Girl) (By zipper) Details Abbey Chase Mod
Nu Wa's Sword Poses (By Navid) Details ( scene files included )
Sheva running pose (By Veronika) Details
Sheva basic pose ( by Veronika ) Details
Mr.Smith (Alister) ( by XNAaraL ) Details
Mrs.Smith (Lara) ( by XNAaraL ) Details
Sims 3 Kim Pose ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
Dark Phoenix ( by Poker15 ) Details
Chris Redfield's kneeling pose ( by Veronika ) Details
Bad Romance Palms Foward pose ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Percy Jackson pose ( by LaraRules81 ) Details
Lady Gaga pose ( by LaraRules81 ) Details
Rayne beauty stand ( by $AtlantiB$ ) Details
lucille's pose ( by zipper ) Details
zipper's Z knee slide pose ( by zipper ) Details
High Kick (Bayonetta) ( by LaraRules81 ) Details
jill headgrab ( by Veronika ) Details
chris actionfigure ( by Veronika ) Details
jill actionfigure ( by Veronika ) Details
Time for Tea ( Emilie Autumn ) ( by Lara's Shadow ) Details
Filthy Victorian ( Emilie Autumn ) ( by Lara's Shadow ) Details
Jill angry ( by Veronika ) Details
Jill obstacle ( by Veronika ) Details
Chris shotgun ( by Veronika ) Details
Jill two guns ( scene file! ) ( by Veronika ) Details
Jill standing ( by Veronika ) Details
Chris stand ( by Veronika ) Details
Jill photo ( by Veronika ) Details
Chris kneeling ( by Veronika ) Details
Jill BSAA official pose ( by Veronika ) Details
Jill Knife.scene ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Jill Knife ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Jill Brainwashed Figure ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Jill Brainwashed figure pose 4 actual Jill ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Jill green herb ( scene file included in post ) ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Jill kick zombie! ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Chris knife.scene ( by Veronika ) Details
Jill Punch!! ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Jill Watch ur back.scene ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Jill Jump ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Jill Copy ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Trish DMC4 ( by }{aLuet ) Details
CMT ( by XNAaraL ) Details

Romantic scenes/poses
Kiss Hand Scene ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Girl hand kissed ( by Steven_1379 ) Details
Boy kiss hand ( by Steven_1379 ) Details

Vehicle poses
Riding Motorcycle ( by carbint ) details

Water poses
floating in water ( by o0Crofty0o ) Details
Lara Slow Swimming ( by Steven_1379 ) Details

Other poses
Amelia normal mod ( by carbint ) details
Waving ( by not again! ) details
Elegant ( by not again! ) details
Ok Lara ( by Tampi ) details
Peace ( by irishhips ) details
Lara Pondering/Thinking ( by Gazza727 ) details
Amanda (*fixed*) ( by Navid ) details
Amanda Pose (By lildark7) Details
Amanda Blows a Kiss (Scene and Pose File) (By lildark7) Details
Evil Natla extended wings ( by lildark7 ) Details
Gaga pose ( by XNAaraL ) Details
tango pose ( scene file ) ( by Lara_maniac ) Details
Lara shooting ( a movie ); grabando ( by doppeL ) Details

Animal poses
Jumping Tiger ( by tarcairion ) details
Simple horse pose ( by XNAaraL ) Details
Cat Pose ( by daventry ) Details
Horse pose ( by Veronika ) Details
Lara Riding pose ( Lara ) ( by Veronika ) Details
Lara Riding pose ( Horse ) ( by Veronika ) Details
lara-rider ( by Veronika ) Details
horse-run1 ( by Veronika ) Details
horse-run2 ( by Veronika ) Details
horse-run3 ( by Veronika ) Details
horse-eating ( by Veronika ) Details
horse-jump2 ( by Veronika ) Details
horse-lying ( by Veronika ) Details
lara - sitting with horse ( to be used with horse-lying pose ) ( by Veronika ) Details
mare - with foal ( by Veronika ) Details
foal-eating ( to be use with mare - with foal pose ) ( by Veronika ) Details

Full poses packs
( alisterafraid doppelgangeraod larabed sexylara sexylara2 ) ( by Merx10 ) Details
AOD poses ( aodlara aodlara2 laramercenary mercenary ) ( by Merx10 ) Details
Standing Lara poses pack #1 ( by Navid ) Details
Standing Lara poses pack #2 ( by Navid ) Details
4 Poses of Lady No ( by Navid ) Details
Yoshi.tsune Minamoto's ( by Navid ) Details scenes included Katana model
AOD Pose Pack ( by toughraid3r37 ) Details
3 poses: Amanda,Lara and Doppelganger ( by Merx10 ) Details
the relaxed position ( by }{aLuet ) Details
standing poses pack ( by ChingKong ) Details
standing with guns / lara injured ( by Merx10 ) Details
amanda holding wraith stone/lara standing/wraith stone - amanda ( by Merx10 ) Details
natla on air/lara walking with guns/doppelganger standing ( by Merx10 ) Details
Dance Pack (5+2) ( by Vince C. ) Details
ol.aMANDA standing poses ( byXNAaraL ) Details
standing poses pack ( by Poker15 ) Details
2 random standing poses ( by Navid ) Details
Legend models poses ( by Poker15 ) Details
Shooting poses pack ( by Poker15 ) Details
Jill Roundhouse Pack ( by amaris ) Details
All of my Jill's poses ( by Mordicus69 ) Details
Jill Pose Pack ( by Alpharaider47 ) Details
Lara and Larson ( by Merx10 ) Details
Kurtis,AODLara,TRULara ( by Merx10 ) Details

Full Animation Poses

Lara running ( by Phenyx ) details
Lara walking ( by Phenyx ) details
front handspring ( by Abeguy2 ) Details
front handspring from TRL ( by Abeguy2 ) Details

Partial Poses

Facial poses
Angry Lara ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Happy Lara ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Confused Lara ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Sad Lara ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Seductive Lara ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Really Angry Lara ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Really Angry Amanda ( by RetardedRaider )details
Legend Lara Face ( by carbint ) details
Angry Doppelganger ( by RetardedRaider )
Angry Natla ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Badass Doppelganger ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Badass Lara ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Sly Natla ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Really Angry Natla ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Mischievous Face ( by Navid ) details
Reserved Smile ( by tarcairion ) details
big grin ( by Stosh ) details
Evil Queen Smile ( by tarcairion ) details
Lara smiling ( by Phenyx ) details

Hand poses
Right Hand Pushing The Button ( by tarcairion ) details see above
Right Hand Fist ( by Vince C. ) details
Left Hand Fist ( by carbint ) details
Holding Handgun Poses ( by Mrs_Bean ) details
Casual Hand ( Right & Left ) ( by carbint ) details
Splayed Finger Owner's Casual Hand ( Right & Left ) ( by carbint ) details
Fingers Rock-On (Left) ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Basic Boxing Pose ( by Navid ) details
natural finger positions ( by Phlip ) details
gun holding positions ( by Phlip ) details

Leg poses
Legs Spread Apart (For action poses) ( by RetardedRaider ) details

Hair poses
Ponytail Down ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Ponytail Side ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Ponytail Up ( by RetardedRaider ) details
Amanda Long Hair Pose ( by Poker15 ) details
Lilith Hair Pose ( by o0Crofty0o ) Details

Other partial poses
Shoulders Down ( by RetardedRaider ) details

Partial poses packs
( Jab Hands, Random Hands, Gun Hands, Curled PonyTail, Young Amanda ) ( by Navid ) details

Poses posts with dead links
LONDON RENDER POSE ( by tombraiderfrea )
Poses for TR4 Lara ( by FearEffect )
Ironman pose ( by LARA_geek )
Horse & Lara ( by Veronika )
Alister holding Lara Romantic scene ( by amaris ) incomplete! only alister's pose is a valid link
Knee slide w/ guns ( by tomblover )
Mirror Pose Pack ( by tombraiderfrea )
Relaxed Stance ( by Navid )
Turning Shoot ( by Hairhelmet12 )
Angry Face ( by Hairhelmet12 )
<unnamed> ( by xnalarafilms )
one arm balance ( by LARA_geek )
Lady Gaga pose ( by Ol.a )
pose ispired from a Legend Render ( by Lara's Shadow )
Need for Speed pose ( by XNAaraL )
Lara lying down just awoken from a nap ( by NewJerusalem )
<unnamed> ( by Mordicus69 )
AOD pack I ( by Love2Raid )
Jill Idle Stand ( by Hairhelmet12 )
Anjelina's Pose)))) ( by Anilorak )
2 TRU render poses ( water ) ( by Anilorak )
Rayne Pose))) ( by Anilorak )
Rayne(sexy) Pose))) ( by Anilorak )
Jill Render Pose/Scene ( by toughraid3r37 )
Cris S**X ( by Anilorak )
Jill standing ( by Anilorak )

Pose requests

to build those list entries more faster, i've created some small Python tkinter Widget. here's a screenshot of the tool as an example:

if you have Python installed on your machine, you can help me update the list faster by creating the list entry yourself and putting it in your entry.

you can dowload the tool here: XNALaraPoseEntryCreator.pyw

How to use:
to start the tool, just double click the file.
fill out all the information "Name", "DL link", "Author" and "Details" and press "Create Pose Entry". this will create a TRF compatible line just above the buttons.
you can use "Copy Entry to Clipboard" or just use CTRL+C to copy the line to your clipboard and put it in your post.

please see also this nice offer by H4RR7H ...

Originally Posted by H4RR7H
If you would like your submitted pose expressed as a 3D render please ask me here - you'll need to provide me with the pose, and elaborate on the constituents you would like present in your render

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Oh, I get what you're saying, But to do so we have to load multiple poses at once to achieve combined effects. So you're making a thread about downloading generic poses?
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Originally Posted by RetardedRaider View Post
Oh, I get what you're saying, But to do so we have to load multiple poses at once to achieve combined effects. So you're making a thread about downloading generic poses?
XNALara is capable of loading a partial pose, so there is no need to load them at once.
the main idea is to have a collection of generic poses to use in your later XNALara works.
but full poses are welcomed, too

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Thank you tarcairion we needed a thread for this

Much looking forward to rendering people's poses rather than having to pose her myself

+ while I'm at it I shall contribute: here's a nice swan dive I posed - example rendered here via this tutorial
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Vince C.
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Thumbs up

Good idea tarcairion. Here's mine (right fist closed):
arm right wrist: 1 2 14 0 0 0
arm right finger 1a: 14 0 8 0 0 0
arm right finger 1b: 0 -11 0 0 0 0
arm right finger 1c: 0 -33 0 0 0 0
arm right finger 2a: 11 0 80 0 0 -0.001
arm right finger 2b: 0 0 108 0 0 0
arm right finger 2c: 23 0 103 0 0 0
arm right finger 3a: 4 0 87 0 0 0
arm right finger 3b: -8 -2 105 0 0 0
arm right finger 3c: 7 0 99 0 0 0
arm right finger 4a: -6 2 89 0 0 0
arm right finger 4b: -9 -15 112 0 0 0
arm right finger 4c: 0 0 100 0 0 0
arm right finger 5a: -18 -7 88 0 0 0
arm right finger 5b: -14 0 113 0 0 0
arm right finger 5c: -35 0 98 0 0 0
Save this into a text file named Fist.pose, for instance.
Vince C.

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Larson Croft
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Could someone please post a motorbike pose.
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i'll post a pose later
nice poses everyone
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Includes two .pose files for left and right hand. Only fingers.
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thank you H4RR7H, Mrs_Bean and Vince C. for providing the first XNALara poses
these are really valuable.
i hope there will be some more. so let's wait and see
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This is a very nice idea
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